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Are you looking for custom Football Manager downloads? At FMInside you will find the best skins, tactics, logos, kits and transfer updates. We offer various kinds of add-ons that help add realism to Football Manager. The graphical add-ons (except skins) you will find on our community are also compatible with older versions of the game.

Downloading is very easy. Just navigate to the Football Manager downloads you would like and press the red ‘DOWNLOAD’ button. In some cases we are only offering a link to an official uploader as we appreciate their hard work and feel they deserve some credit for it.

FC12 Kitpacks for Football Manager 2020

FC’12 19/20 Football Manager Kitpacks

Add realism to Football Manager by downloading and adding the awesome FC'12 Kitpacks by FMSlovakia. On this page you will find all the packs...
FMI Update 2019

FMI Update 2019 – Hazard special!

The FMInside Update has returned for the 2019 season! The FMI Update 2019 will improve and enhance your Football Manager 2019 database and will take it to the next level!
DF11 2019 Facepack

DF11 2019 – Update 9 out now!

DF11 Facepack returns for another season of Football Manager! Enhance the realism of your copy of Football Manager 2019 and download the awesome custom Facepack created by our partnersite DF11Faces.com.
Red-Bull-Clubs Football Manager 2019 Scenario

FM19 scenario: New Red Bull clubs

Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz has decided the RB empire in world football has to be expanded with yet another team. In this scenario you will have six options and six clubs to take control: RB Haarlem, RB Paris, RB London, RB Spa, Toro Rojo Badalona en Toro Rosso Piacenza.
TCM19 Logopack

TCM19 Logopack – Update 19.2 out now!

The 6th edition of the TCM Megapack for Football Manager. After more than 1.5 Million downloads for previous versions, we want to offer more! Adopt...
Material Skin Football Manager

Material Skin by budwaiser4

Made this FM 2019 skin for myself, but sharing it with the community. It's based on the default dark skin; changed some colors and...

Mad Scientist 03/04 Database

This is the 2003/04 season database. Everything in the FM19 database, has been reverted back to 2003. All the leagues is as they where back in 2003, with all the teams from back then. The players attributes is copied from CM4 (2003/04 season).
Champions League Skin

Champions League Skin

The Champions League skin for Football Manager 2019. This is a dark skin that has a lot of Champions League elements and graphics. Download the...
TCS'19 Football Manager 2019 Skin


Returning after a one year hiatus, I'm delighted to announce the return of TCS'19. During my year off from publicly releasing skins, I learned...
FC'12 Football Manager 2019 kitpacks

FC’12 18/19 Football Manager 2019 kitpacks

Increase the realism in your copy of Football Manager by downloading the awesome FC'12 Football Manager 2019 kitpacks.
FMTema 2019

FMTema 2019

The FMTema 2019 skin is a dark purple skin created by Ramoscu on behalf of FMTurkiye.NET for Football Manager 2019.
Not Thiago Motta's 2-7-2

Not Thiago Motta’s 2-7-2 Tactic

Download the custom Not Thiago Motta's 2-7-2 tactic for Football Manager 2019 at FMInside. An attacking tactic, that will help you win trophies!
FMInside Flag Pack

FMInside Flag pack

Update your copy of Football Manager by downloading the official FMInside Flag Pack! This graphical add-on will add small flags for all playable nations in the world of Football Manager 2019.
Leagues World pack by claassen

Leagues World pack by claassen (55 updates)

Claassen is back for Football Manager 2019! This download expands your copy of Football Manager 2019 with tons of missing leagues! Aim is to create all leagues in the world!
OPZ Elite Skin

OPZ Elite 2019

OPZ Elite 2019 Skin, custom dark skin for Football Manager 2019 with many enhancements to improve user experience.
Google Light Skin

Google light skin

The Google Light Skin is the first custom light skin to use with Football Manager 2019. Download the Google Light Skin Features:Light Skin Improved Panels ...

Andromeda FM19 Skin

The Andromeda Skin has made its return for Football Manager 2019. This is a dark custom skin for FM19 and has options for larger facepacks, including DF11.
Rensie Custom Skin Football-Manager-2019

Rensie custom skin for FM19

Rensie Custom Skin is back for Football Manager 2019. The main idea of the skin is to make simple adjustments to make the game better.
DF11 Base Skins Football Manager 2019

DF11 Base Skins 2019

3 Base skins with DF11 panels to display facepacks in large size. Easy on the eyes boxes & Instant result button included.
Fierro's Action Pack 2019

Fierro’s Action Pack 2019

Welcome to the Fierro's Action Pack 2019 for Football Manager. Currently 11,700 players, 2,800 staff and 100 free transfers. This is a unique Facepack for Football Manager 2019 and older versions.
Neub Skin Football Manager 2019

Neub Skin FM19 v.1.3

Hey, I'm happy to present to you the FM19 version of my K76 Skin for FM18. That's very similar, I improved some panels and...
Default Dark Skins for Football Manager 2019

Default Skins – Proper Dark v1.3

Default Dark Skins with Dark Inbox & Calendar and Scouting created by Ramoscu on behalf of FMTurkiye.NET for Football Manager 2019.
FMInside FM18 Data Update - Football Manager 2018 Transfer Update

FM18 Transfer Update Final version!

The FMInside FM18 Data Update! Our first update for the 2018/2019 season! All transfers and promotions/relegations are updated. Last update: 21/09/18
DF11 2018 Facepack

DF11 Faces 2018 – Update 13!

Make your copy of Football Manager more realistic by adding the DF11 2018 Facepack! Over 108.000 player faces in a unique and authentic portrait style.

FM18 Leagues Pack by Claassen 263 updates! (18.3 compatible)

The well known league editor is back! Claassen will be creating new leagues that aren't in the standard database of Football Manager 2018. All updates compatible with Patch 18.3.
FC'12 Kits for Football Manager 2018

FC’12 Kitpacks for FM2018 – 58 updates!

Download all the FC'12 Custom Kit packs for Football Manager 2018 right here at FMInside! We offer all the packs that have been released by FMSlovakia!
england level 22

FM2018 England leagues to lvl 22

Its is back and its bigger & better than ever! Unlock the English lower leagues down to level 22 and start a new FM18 save today!

TCM18 Logopack – NEW UPDATE 18.2

Download the TCM18 Logopack, a custom megapack of more than 25.500 logos of clubs and competitions for Football Manager 2018!
flut light skin

FM18 FLUT Light Skin V1.6

A skin for the regular career mode of Football Manager 2018. Version 1.6 released on 12.2.18
flut dark skin

FM18 FLUT Skin Dark V1.6

A skin for the regular career mode of Football Manager 2018. Version 1.6 released on 12 February 2018.
yts2 skin - your team skin 2

YTS2 Skin

Custom skin for Football Manager 2018. Built solely for 1920×1080 resolution monitors. Please do not attempt to use on any other systems.
champions league skin football manager 2018

Champions League Skin

The Champions League Skin is back for Football Manager 2018! This is the 1.1 version for the Champions League 2018 skin.

4-5-1 Why I love Sarri by Patrick Sörensen

A new tactic by Danish Dynamite Patrick Sorensen. He created a 4-5-1 tactic inspired by Napoli's headcoach Sarri! That is why he created the Why I Love Sarri tactic!
milla skin

Milla Skin (Dark & Light) V1.5

Milla skin for FM 2018, available in dark & light variations. Optimized for 1920x1080 resolution. Thanks to Michaeltmurrayuk & wannachupbrew.
3250 Chimera

3-2-5-0 Chimera by Guido Merry

A 3-2-5-0 strikerless tactic created by Guido Merry for FMInside. See how this tactic works and download the tactic to use in Football Manager 2018.
aurum skin

Aurum Skin (high & low res)

The Aurum skin is back for Football Manager 2018! This skin is available in both a high-res version and a low-res version.
Andromeda FM18 Skin

Andromeda Skin

Andromeda FM18 Skin for Football Manager 2018. High resolution ONLY (1920 x 1080). Feature-packed as always (background selector, dozens of custom panels, various tweaks).
Daniel Gear 4-1-4-1 DM

4-1-4-1 DM by Daniel Gear

A new community blog article at FMInside. This time Daniel Gear has created an amazing 4-1-4-1 tactic he uses in his save with Kasimpasa.
2d kits flut skin

2D Kits for FLUT Skin

2D Kits front in FC'12 Style for FLUTskin. Now you can include beautiful kits on titlebar and on player overview panel in all FLUT skins
opz elite 2560

OPZ Elite 2560 V1.4

A dark skin for Football Manager 2018, which is optimized for 1920x1080.

DF11 Base Skins

5 base skins for Football Manager 2018, with a special update for the DF11 panels. Including instant result and custom backgrounds!
4-1-4-1 DM Keysi Rensie

4-1-4-1 DM by Keysi Rensie

Download the special 4-1-4-1 DM tactic to use with Football Manager 2018. Exclusively created by Keysi Rensie for FMInside.net.
trophy megapack

Trophy Megapack

More than 2000 real trophies to add in Football Manager 2018 with this pack by ManagerOnline. This megapack was released in November 2017.

Huge Database Addon for Football Manager 2018

Add roughly 4000 more players on your game with the huge database option when creating a new save game in Football Manager 2018.
Backgrounds Mypack FM18

Football Manager 2018 Backgrounds – MyPack 3.0

2963 images of 1616 clubs including teams in all major leagues and many minor. Plus competition backgrounds. Largest background pack for FM 2018.
Wannachup Instant Result

Wannachup Instant Result Button FM18

To use with all default Football Manager 2018 skins (default, dark and light) with the Wannachup Instant Result button added.
FMInside FM18 Data Update submit

FMInside FM18 Data Update Submit

Did you spot a mistake in the Football Manager 2018 Beta? Then this is te place to tell! We aim to release our first update on nov 10th.

FMInside FM17 Transfer Update Final version

Fed up with playing the previous season in Football Manager 2017? Well then you will like this data update! The official FMInside Data Update will take your game into the future and into the 2017/2018 season!
backgrounds super pack

Backgrounds Super Pack

The largest backgrounds pack available for FM 2017 including thousands of pictures for competitions, stadiums, cities and many more
Metallic Logos Megapack

Metallic Logos Megapack

The Football Manager Metallic Logos Pack by SortitoutSI contains over 250.000 logo's and has logos for more than 26.000 clubs.
FC Bayern 4-2-3-1

FC Bayern 4-2-3-1

Play like Bayern Munich in Football Manager 2017. A creative and possession based 4-2-3-1.
mn city 433 Pep guardiola

Man City Pep Guardiola 4-3-3

A fast paced tactic for Football Manager 2017, trying to rebuild the tactical ideas of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.
leverkusen Counter Pressing

Leverkusen Counter Pressing Tactic

A wonder tactic for Bayer Leverkusen I won the league the DFB pokal, and champions league in the first season!
Danish el Cholo

Danish El Cholo 4-4-2

It's a 442 tactic inspired by Diego Simeone. Strong defensive, quick counter attack and aggressive pressing,
free kick best header routine

Best header Free kick routine

A free kick routine to use with Football Manager 2017. This routine focusses on the Best Header and will give you some extra firepower with set pieces.
tempo skin

FM17 | The Tempo Skin

There are skins with size more than 100MB with plenty of custom graphics and many panels. This is more like the basic skin, but improved.
Flut skin light

FM17 | FLUT Skin Light

A white skin for the regular career mode of Football Manager 2017. Version 2.8 released on 17 June 2017.
Flut Dark Skin

FM17 | FLUT Dark Skin

The Flut Dark skin, a skin for the regular career mode of Football Manager 2017. Version 2.8 released on 17 June 2017. I had doubts...
Sky sports skin

FM17 | Sky Sports Skin

Last year's Sky Sports skin back & better for Football Manager 2017. Based on Sky Sports News user interface. During the construction of this skin...
vitrex skin football manager

FM17 | Vitrex Skin

The most popular skin from FM16, is back for another year with FM17. As always minimalism, clean lines and beautiful visuals are the corner stones of Vitrex!
ss kits

SS Kits 2017 / 2018

The custom SS Kits are the most downloaded custom kits for Football Manager you can find on the internet. There are over a 100 packs available!
Cutout player faces

Cut-out Player Faces Megapack

The Cut Out Player Faces Megapack is the largest custom facepack for Football Manager that is available.
real name fix

FMInside Real name fix

Tired of seeing the wrong club or competition names? This download will correct the names of all leagues, clubs and awards in Football Manager.

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