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FM23 Japan Football Pyramid

FMInside Nov 28, 2022 Last modified: 6 Mar 36,158 views 12,893 downloads

This download activates the Japanese leagues in Football Manager 2023 and will add over 9.000 players to the FM23 database. Created by Robles Quinn. Updated for 23.3

Welcome back to yet another year with Japan and the J.League. The J.League IS BACK  bigger and better than last year!


  • Full Japan League system
  • J.Elite and J.Youth Leagues, including multiple youth leagues & cups
  • Japanese Media
  • Japanese players (over 9000 real players/staff & referees)
  • Japanese league and club histories
  • Japanese new stadiums
  • Realistic Japanese newgen intake
  • And more!


  • KARIN, A year 3 Med student who translates JStats (The main place where all J.League data is gathered) and translates that to realistic attributes.
  • Daveincid, Who makes the REALISM database, for without it, REALISM is only a dream.
  • DaveTheEditor, best known for his around the world database in which Japan has always been compatitble with
  • Zachary Whyte,Thanks to which I was able to use the editor this year instead of waiting for an update

And everyone on the discord who help with getting this to where it is.

How to install FM23 Japan Football Pyramid

  1. Use the direct link to find the original post on the SI forums
  2. Here you can choose which files you want to download at the bottom of the first post
  3. Once downloaded you need to place the files in the editor data folder which is located in your Football Manager 2023 folder in My Documents
  4. Start FM23 and start a new career
  5. Make sure the files you want to load are ticked when selecting your database
  6. Pick Japan as a starting nation and start your save as normal


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