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FM22 Japan Football System

FMInside Nov 30, 2021 Last modified: 7 Sep 42,450 views 12,141 downloads

This download activates the Japanese leagues in Football Manager 2022 and will add approximately 8.000 players to the FM22 database. Now compatible with FM22.4.

Hello and welcome back to the most viewed database from FM21. I will be working again with Karin again this year who will provide the databases for players, staff, referees etc. The LEVEL 4 Simple File has now been uploaded with over 8000 Real Players/Staff/Referees, Media Sources (Media still in Japanese) and league histories!

Available downloads

  • Japan League system
  • Japanese Media
  • Japanese players (over 8000 real players/staff & referees)
  • Japanese league and club histories
  • Japanese new stadiums
  • And more!



Required Download List (You can mix and match)

  1. J.League SIMPLE (A faster and dumbed down version for those not mainly managing in Japan (this still contains every bit of authenticity as the main file)
  2. J.League ADVANCED (*A Level 8 Tier Pyramid)
  3. J.League Countries (J league Partner Countries Agreement, meaning players from certain countries (Vietnam, Cambodia etc are not counted as foreign)
  4. J.League MEDIA (Newpapers, Broadcasters etc you name it are here)
  5. J.League Players (Over 8000 real Players, Staff, Scouts)
  6. J.League Referees (All of the Referees who hold a Level 1 License including myself)
  7. J.League Histories (League histories for some competitions)
  8. J.League New Stadiums (These Contain stadiums that have been or are likely to be approved and are being built)
  9. Club Overview Panel (So you can see club histories and information) by @wannachupbrew here at
  10. When its available a facepack by the awesome folks in this forum I will link you all later.
  11. I have made a adboard pack (static and digital) it has been merged with the one on sortitout so find it yourself if you want to use it.
  12. Game is encouraged to be played with the Realism Files made by @Daveincid as they adjust just about everything to make the game even more realistic and accurate than it already is. And that means a even more Epic experience in Japan. (will update a link to his thread once it becomes avaliable)
  13. Lastly and the most important one: leave feedback on any bugs or suggestions on what to do next.

How to install FM22 Japan Football System

  1. Use the direct link to find the original post on the SI forums
  2. Here you can choose which files you want to download at the bottom of the first post
  3. Once downloaded you need to place the files in the editor data folder which is located in your Football Manager 2022 folder in My Documents
  4. Start FM22 and start a new career
  5. Make sure the files you want to load are ticked when selecting your database
  6. Pick Japan as a starting nation and start your save as normal


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