The FMUpdate 24/25 season is now available!
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The FMUpdate 24/25 Season

FMInside Jun 17, 2024 Last modified: 17 Jun 8,788 views 1,781 downloads

This is the FMUpdate 24/25 season update, which includes promotion and relegation for every playable league in FM24!

The FMUpdate - June - 24/25 season update. This is our first summer version of the update and this update has promotions and relegation added for every playable league in FM24!

This update has been created by FMInside & TheFMEditor.

Key features of the FMUpdate - June

This is the first version of the 24/25 season update and our key features are:

  • Promotion & Relegation for every playable league
  • Transfers up to June 17th
  • Loans up to June 17th
  • Added missing players to the database
  • Added missing staff, including the full staff of Ajax and more
  • Real Competition, Cup and Club names (250.000 changes)
  • Real Media Sources (3400 changes)
  • Real Agents & Clients (2246 changes)


  • Transfers/Loans: This is the first new season update. Sure it will have missed moves. As the summer progresses we will keep working on the data to make it better and better. Remember, we are volunteers who do this for fun.
  • European formats: The formats of the European tournaments do NOT MATCH the real 24/25 season due to the limited options in the FM24 editor. This makes it impossible to change the start of the new CL, EL and UCL formats to the first season.
  • EURO 2024: And also due to the limitations of the FM24 we can't skip the 2024 EUROS, so the tournament will be played after the first season
  • Starting date: This update will make you start in 2023. Due to the limitations of the game and the editor we can't use a custom start date. This will mess up the entire database and it is therefore not possible to start in July 2024 without screwing up the game.
  • Point deductions: SI has hardcoded some of the point deductions in the game. We have tried to remove these, but they keep on returning. This is for example Everton's -6 poiny deduction. These can't be removed through the editor.

Around the World Megapack

Included in the FMUpdate is the Around the World Megapack, created by TheFMEditor. This megapack will add over 200 nations to FM24, making it possible to start an ultimate journeyman save! All nations have the real structure and will have the real rules applied or as much as the pre-game editor will allow us.

Download the Around the Megapack here


To create this update we have a wonderful team of editors and we also have some guest editors that have made it possible for us to make our update even better than before!

  • FMInside
  • TheFMEditor
  • LeeHendon
  • wfm18 - Ajax wonderkids and more
  • RoblesQuinn - Missed Japanese players
  • basqueliverpool - New youth players & wonderkids
  • Badmuts - Changes on Dutch cities and clubs on amateur levels

Would you like to help us and improve the quality of our updates or have an awesome file that you would like to add to our update? Send us an e-mail or contact us on social media.

How to install The FMUpdate 24/25 Season

  1. Download the zipped files
  2. Unzip the contents of the folder using an unpacking software tool like 7Zip of Winrar
  3. Place The Football Manager Update and other files in \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2024\editor data
  4. Remove old versions of the update pack! (Very important)
  5. Start Football Manager 2024 and start a new career.
  6. When selecting your database files, make sure the editor files you want to use are all ticked.
  7. Continue and pick Original as your game mode
  8. Continue to Advanced Settings
  9. Once you have selected your Nations & Leagues you can start your game.

Having troubles installing The Football Manager Update? Have a look at our guide on how to start a new save in Football Manager or watch the instructional video on our YouTube Channel


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