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Tactics FM22

Set Piece collection (26 routines)

FMInside Dec 5, 2021 Last modified: 5 Dec 101,730 views 27,599 downloads

This is a complete set of set piece routines for Football Manager 2022. The routines have all been created by BlindedbyDazzle.

This download offers a full range of Set Piece Routines for Football Manager 2022. These routines have been created by BlindedbyDazzle and have all been tested in the game.

Set Piece Routines in this pack

  • Attacking Corner Near Post (L&R)
  • Attacking Free Kick Small Chance (L&R)
  • Attacking Free Kick Wide (L&R)
  • Attacking Free Kick Deep (L&R)
  • Attacking Free Kick Direct (L&R)
  • Attacking Throw-in (L&R)
  • Defensive Corner Zonal (L&R)
  • Defensive Free Kick Small Chance (L&R)
  • Defensive Free Kick Wide (L&R)
  • Defensive Free Kick Direct (L&R)
  • Defensive Free Kick Deep (L&R)
  • Defensive Throw-in (L&R)

How to install Set Piece collection (26 routines)

  1. Download the .rar file
  2. Use Winrar to unpack the files inside the folder
  3. Place the files in \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\set pieces
  4. Load Football Manager and navigate to Tactics > Set Pieces
  5. At the Set Piece type you want to edit, click on the Routine drop down
  6. Press Load Routine and pick the routine you want to load in your save

Not sure how to load a Set Piece Routine? Have a look in one of our routine guides.


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