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FM23 Increase Realism Megapack by Daveincid

Daveincid Dec 14, 2022 Last modified: 9 Oct 26,977 views 3,340 downloads

This is the Increase Realism Megapack for Football Manager 2023, created by Daveincid.

Hello, everyone!

I'm very happy to announce my final update for FM23. My "Increase Realism"-
Megapack OCTOBER Update!

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This megapack improves various in-game parameters in over 220 nations to take the
realism of Football Manager to the next level!


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  2. If you want early access, ALPHA or BETA access to my updates or even more content, check out Patreon.
  3. Delete all my previous files from the “Editor-Data” folder.
  4. Make sure you don't use any other files that don't work with my Megapack. This applies to all themes that my mod covers.
  5. The Megapack is in most cases compatible with all league files (DaveTheEditor's Around the Globe Megapack is recommended) as well as transfer updates and all possible graphical adjustments.
  6. My resources are very limited, so I don't answer questions like "Is your work compatible with X or Y?” - If the general instructions in point 5 are not enough for you, I constantly update a list of files on Patreon which I personally recommend and which will be constantly updated..
  7. If you have urgent questions that cannot be answered from the text, please send me a private message here in the forum, on Twitter, Discord or in the official SIForum. Questions in the comments will not be answered.
  8. I will only answer questions via PM, which are related to my own work.
  9. I am very grateful for any feedback about found bugs. Especially at this stage (first update) there might be still things which do not work fine yet. However, this must be formulated in such a way that I can do something with it. Please use the template below and send me a PM. I'll read every PM but depending of the issue I might not respond to every message (resource management):
    - Type of bug (visual, game-mechanics):
    - Affected Club/Nation/League:
    - Exact description of the bug + source if any why XY is wrong:
    - Screenshot (if useful):
    - Direct suggestions for improvement based on source XY:
    - Further comments
  10. If you don't want to write me a private message, you can also leave your feedback on the shared Discord server of DaveTheEditor and me.
  11. If you need help with the correct installation, you can find it here on ">YouTube.
  12. If you are looking for tips & tricks to make your save game more realistic, you can get some input here in this ">video.
  13. Many thanks to NorsemanLP, who did the graphic design and translation of this post! Follow him on Twitter, he also creates other graphic content for FM23, like the FM.Zweierkette Skin or the Norseman's Logopack! 
  14. For FM-Fanpages: Write me a private message first, if you want to publish my work on your Fanpage. 
  15. For File-Creators: All copying of my work (this also includes crediting) is forbidden and I reserve the right to take legal action against it.


This file changes the"youth ratings", the "game importance"and the"development status" of all Nations. The main purpose of the changes is to provide a more realistic balance of the potential quantity of players after more than 10 years. Nations have different development potential based on over 15 different criteria.


  • The global distribution of talent was slightly increased.
  • Each nation was individually calculated development potential with over 15 different criteria. For example HDI (Human Development Index), national and international audience average, population, financial resources and many more!


This file improves the balance of the current ability of newgens when they are created. In some cases/nations it was generally too high and in others too weak. The adjustments to the training facilities then ensure that the subsequent development speed is realistic. 


The influence of this file is very important. It improves the reputation behavior especially of younger players. This is too low in the standard game and has a significant positive impact on the age problem (national teams and clubs become too old after 6+ years). There may be some further adjustments in future updates to further improve the age-bug in some Nations. Additionally, it brings a whole new game experience:

  • Keeping young players at small clubs becomes more difficult
  • All U-team competitions become more important
  • Reputation behavior has been balanced worldwide


  1.  Awards only work in playable leagues, sometimes even only with "full details" (goal of the month etc). So the more leagues you load, the better the reputation behavior of younger players and thus also reduces the age problem in clubs and the national team.
  2. To reduce the age-issue in clubs and national teams in England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, recommend to load at least 2 leagues as playable in each of those Nations.
  3. Not all awards are real. They are not even in the base game. They primarily serve a function - they represent media hype, interest in certain players, and thus an increased level of fame.



Salaries are based much more on real data available worldwide. A player from Cameroon no longer earns 500,000 euros, but perhaps 30,000 euros per year. World-class players earn much more, up to 30-40 million euros gross per year. By default, the end of the line for salaries is in the 20 million euro range.

Market values

Market values have been adjusted globally to more realistically represent the effective transfer fees paid in nation XY. The market values in larger nations like England are sometimes way too high. (Many players in the range 100-200€m). This was also lowered. The higher reputation of younger players will boost those values a bit again. 

Some very high "transfer values" are still displayed. These simply tell you that player XY is
not for sale. My changes aim to ensure that the transfer fees actually paid are realistic.


The sponsor values have been adjusted worldwide to better balance the finances. In addition, I have calculated individual maximum values for each nation. This is to improve realism, especially in smaller nations, where they grow together with the nation in case of great success. Highly recommended for a "Build a Nation"-save. 


This file lowers the natural fitness of all players slightly as well as a few individual ones a bit more, as they were able to maintain their ability (CA) for too long in long-term tests. These changes improve the general age structure after 8-10 years in club and national team, especially in the bigger nations. 


This file increases the tendency of all managers to give more playing time to the younger players as well as to apply the new substitution rule ( permanently 5 substitutions) more consistently.


I have researched all nations on which have a preference for players with a certain nationality and adjusted them accordingly. Over 200 nations have been edited!

Not only the nationalities have been adjusted, but also the age preferences. There are certain nations that clearly stand out as "training leagues" based on various data. (Very high percentage of players under the age of 24). For example, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia or even obscure Nations like Kyrgystan ;)


The injury file has been “reactivated” and should primarily lower the high CA (Current Ability) of older players an boost the rotation, which in turn benefits the young players both in term of CA and their reputation.

There is an extra file in German. Do not use both at the same time.


This file adds various missing data of over 1500 1st and 2nd league clubs in over 150 nations:

  • Club nickname
  • City location
  • Stadium corrections
  • 89 new stadiums
  • Rivalries
  • Foundation dates
  • Club colours


This file adjusts the financial behavior of some clubs so that even after 20+ years they do not:

  • become too rich (except in case of extraordinary success or rich investor)
  • become too poor (except in case of traceable events like mismanagement, relegation etc.)


Minor adjustments to improve club reputation behaviour.


I have adjusted ticket prices in nations where they are calculated incorrectly, which often leads to much too rich teams in certain nations. This mainly affects South America (Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela etc.) but also other nations like Iran, Iraq. It is unfortunately still not possible to add the correct prices. At least the values are now more realistic and prevent that clubs or whole nations could easily cover their stadium with gold.


This file adds over 300 missing derbies from clubs and national teams in over 50 nations. It also contains over 1000 reputation adjustments to create a cross-nation balance. Among others, derbies are included such as:

  • "Volga Derby" between Rubin Kazan and Krylia Sovietov.
  • "La guerra del futbol" between El Salvador and Honduras.
  • The "Derby of Ghana" between Asante Kotoko and Accra Hearts of Oak SC and
  • many more


This file slightly reduces the gap between the top leagues and all others in Europe. It also slightly strengthens the top leagues outside Europe and should improve the balance in long term save games.



The entire world is now covered with real data. From the population of a small village in the Ghanaian desert to the correct altitude of small villages near mountain tops somewhere in Peru.

  • 5500+ Cities edited
  • 1800+ local regions edited
  • Added missing coordinates of 1800+ cities
  • Missing elevation data of 4200+ cities
  • All cities now have a city attraction value

These changes may have an impact on:

  • The distribution of birthplaces of NewGens
  • Travel costs
  • Sponsor deals
  • Contract negotiations
  • Fitness/injury frequency of the players

I'm sure there are more influences, but I'm not aware of them yet. ;)


  • 100+ new languages created
  • Language difficulty increased by 30% to prevent players from learning the language too fast
  • 181 nations edited in total
  • 1800+ local regions edited
  • adjusted many individual cities
  • and much more!

These changes represent the linguistic diversity of all countries in much more detail. Besides the official languages of a nation, unofficial languages are also included. These are supposed to represent those people who speak a 2nd or even 3rd language without having their 1st or 2nd nationality.

German version:
The German version is in an extra folder. If you want to play with it, delete the English version and replace it with this one.


I have made adjustments in 95 nations concerning the years to gain nationality. What sounds easy is quite tricky. The sources are sometimes different and unfortunately in the editor you cannot select the options "Will be naturalised if he has good relations with local politicians" or "Will be naturalised if he invests 1 Million euros in the country".


This file by "DaveTheEditor" is now included again. It adds 24 agreements between nations. You can find this information in the nation tab overview!


I have integrated climate change into the game. Specifically, this means that with a small probability (approx. 5%) higher temperatures occur in all regions of the world than those entered by default. For example, in London, temperatures of up to 42 degrees can be reached in rare cases. Previously, the maximum was 32 degrees. This may have an influence on the fitness of the players. So it is definitely worth taking a closer look at the weather forecast for the next match. 


All national teams now have the correct attendances added. Unfortunately Football Manager does not implement this 1:1 and the number of spectators in the game is often much higher than it should be. I have taken this into account in my adjustments. 


For a better game balance I have lowered all national team reputations by 5%. This helps to curb the too strong increase of the league reputation and (not 100% sure yet) encourages the AI to nominate younger players to the national team. 


I have created a new league file for China. It is almost identical to the default version and contains only small adjustments to the league rules. One rule leads to far too low transfer fees being paid (not even 1 million euros for foreigners), although the clubs have a lot of money. This means that the clubs are now behaving much more realistically. Together with
other files, the extreme wealth of Chinese clubs is also curbed.


I have adjusted the corporate taxes in Germany. These were incomplete (solidarity
surcharge was not taken into account). This led to the clubs having to pay far too little tax
and thus being in a better financial position than they should have been.


This works a bit differently in the pre-game editor now, so I needed a bit more time for the file. A total of 39 clubs from 31 nations were edited. In concrete terms, this means that the "club DNA" is now also better recognisable in the game. Clubs that consistently sign U21 players will now also do so in the game. The same applies to clubs that have a strong preference for new signings from a certain nation. 


In Italy the league rules are bugged (even if they are theoretically correct). Clubs in
League 2 or 3 often get into financial difficulties. The reason is that they do not meet the
stadium requirements for the league. This leads to these clubs eventually building a new
stadium, getting heavily into debt and almost choking on it. This actually makes a save
game in these leagues unplayable. In reality, the rules are probably interpreted more
"generously". I have either weakened these rules or deleted them altogether. This issue
was fixed in various nations with the winter patchm unfortunately not in Italy.


This file is connected with other files, but I decided to separate it. There is an issue in the
German 3rd Division, that after a couple of years the II-Teams dominate the league. (I had
up to 12 II-Teams in the 3rd League after 10 years). This issue is now massively lower
without hardcoding anything.


  1. The main focus was to adjust CA/PA values based on players performances in season 22/23, both for performances/debuts in the national league and in international competitions like the U17 european championship or the U20 World Cup. I’ve also adjusted player reputations, missing 2nd nationalities & national team switches.
  2. 60+ new talents have been created, some of them Wonderkids. Most of them also have a cut out face pack included. In total, more than 4'000 players were adjusted in over 115 Nations

In total, more than 7'000 players were adjusted worldwide.


The values are based on my own research using and other platforms. The changes made to the player ratings are not up for discussion, neither via PM nor in any forums, since the in-game implementation is also important and how these players develop over the years. However, if there are any major errors, please report them via PM. 


I have adjusted the morale of teams in the top 50 competitions worldwide based on their performance/expectation in the 22/23 season. This should result in clubs performing similar to reality.


I managed to optimize 30 default nations (with DaveTheEditor's league files even 62!), so
that the day-to-day simulation time is up to 20% faster. There is also a "performance mod
players" and a "performance mod clubs ". The average speed advantage in my tests was
12% and the smallest was still 10%. You will also notice a player count drop of about 10%
for all setups. This is intended, don't worry, you won't miss those players. They are
irrelevant for all default leagues available,


Thanks to DaveTheEditor who game me the permission to improve some of his files!
Improvements made:

  • There was an issue with the U17 World Cup file by DaveTheEditor that some nations didn’t took part at all. This was fixed by DaveTheEditor and is now included in my update.
  • Small improvements for OFC Champions League 
  • More realistic academies, especially in african nations. This means that their strenght has been mainly improved and very weak academies has been removed to lower the amount of newgens created in that nation
  • League schedule fix in Turkmenistan


I reduced the "professionalism" attribute for all HOYD by 2 points. The reason for this is
that newgens are on average too professional. With these adjustments I was able to easily
counteract this.


Everything continues in the same rhythm. The first ALPHA for FM24 is scheduled for 10
November ;)

HOW TO INSTALL "Increase Realism Megapack" in FM23

Place all files (not the folder) in "Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager
2023/editor data".



Have fun! :)


How to install FM23 Increase Realism Megapack by Daveincid

  1. Download the zipped file
  2. Unzip the contents of the folder using an unpacking software tool like 7Zip of Winrar
  3. Place the files in \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\editor data
  4. Start Football Manager and start a new career.
  5. When selecting your database files, make sure the editor file is ticked
  6. Continue to Advanced Settings
  7. Once you have selected your Nations & Leagues you can start your game.


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