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FM23 Training Schedule Add-on

FMInside Nov 5, 2022 Last modified: 5 Nov 25,973 views 4,890 downloads

This is a training addon for Football Manager 2023 and will assist you in creating the perfect training schedule for your squad!

Training is one of the key areas in Football Manager these days. The feature has been expanded and improved over the past couple of editions, giving us complete control of the day to day business of your squad on the training ground.

With all the available options to choose from, the training area could become a bit overwhelming to use and a lot of people simply just delegate the training to their assistant managers or download training schedules on the different online communities. However, we all agree that creating your own schedules will be a lot more rewarding, especially as you are able to really create a schedule that will fit your style and players.

That is where this handy add-on comes in! It has been created by Hwb and has been originally posted on our Dutch sister website Managers United. A short explanation on how the tool works!

FM23 Training Add-on

Training sessions are divided into ten different categories, which all have their own set of subcategories. In order to fully maximise the results you would need to be working on your training schedules full time and that is time almost none of us actually have.

In this Excell sheet all the different training components are included, including a link to the effect that the relevant component has to certain attributes, mentality or other areas. By using the file you will get a quick and clear overview on what is influenced by which category.

The file is displayed in four tabs:

  • A general overview of the effects of training on satisfaction, fitness, tactical familiarity, upcoming match and more
  • Effects of the training on the attributes for the attacking unit.
  • Effects of the training on the attributes for the defending unit.
  • Effects of the training on the attributes for the unit goal defence

As highlighted in the screenshot above the focus is set to the Match Preperation area of the training schedule. Here you can see what the direct effects are on your team. By doing this the add-on shows us that the players will be satisfied and the team cohesion will be improved.

However, there are also some negative sides to this training choice. For example the risk of injuries has increased and compared to other types of training this will ask a lot of your players in terms of condition and stamina.

It would be something to take into consideration when you are in a busy part of the season and play two games a week.

Another example can be seen in the Creation section of training, which is a subcategory of the Technical category. Within the creation area we focus mainly on the attacking unit. By looking at the X marks we can see that this type of training will affect three technical attributes (Crossing, Passing and Technique) and four mental attributes (Decisions, Flair, Without Ball and Vision).

A quick look at the Defensive Unit tab shows and confirms that there are no specific effects on defensive attributes and that this unit will be concentrating on individual training.

Creating a schedule

How can we use this information when we want to create a schedule on our own? The most important area this add-on covers is the insight you get on the effect on different attributes your choices will have. On the first tab of the add-on it will also show the overall intensity levels of your training and that can be used to make choices for different training schedules during a long and hard season.


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