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Skins FM22

Vince Skin FM22

FMInside Dec 16, 2021 Last modified: 16 Dec 25,398 views 4,990 downloads

This is the Vince Skin, a dark themed skin for Football Manager 2022. This skin has been created by Vince_957

From the excellent results of last years Vince Skin, Vince Skin Pro and Vincechup skin (always available), I decided to upgrade and release the new Vince Skin, an elegant, dark and very beautiful skin for boost the Football Manager interface and revolutionize the game!

The most important thing in skinning is giving the best amount of features, and this is what I did with my work.

Biggest features

  • Instant result button before and in game! (a rare feature)
  • New Player overview panel
  • New match scoreboard and players faces into the bench
  • % Match condition and sharpness Icon in Percentage 
  • different backgrounds and opacity
  • Club crest into the right corner
  • New match panels
  • Stadium into fixtures panel and on club overview panel
  • Fixtures while you advance into the game
  • Continue button with the club colours
  • New stadium overview panel
  • Boost of player and club overview panel


  • Fixed the bug due to the FM update that no longer showed the player value in the upper right panel.
  • New Scouting panel
  • Change of colors in the data hub, now the data between the team and the championship average are no longer confused.
  • New buttons during the game, quick subs and the ability to give instructions to the opponent directly by clicking from there.
  • New minimal players bar widget


  • Sidebar menu panel bug fixed: in some cases the game could get blocked while and can't pressing on others buttons


  • New Player Overview Panel
  • New Instant Result Button
  • Now you can see the foot ability

Thanks to

  • FMEnhanced
  • WKDSoul
  • Bluestillie
  • Michael Murray


How to install Vince Skin FM22

  1. Download the skin
  2. Use a tool like Winrar or 7zip to extract the content of the download on your system
  3. Extract the contents of the folder into:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins\
    If the skins folder doesn''t exist, you can create it manually.
  4. Run Football Manager and navigate to Preferences > Interface.
  5. In the skin section use the drop down to select the skin. If you have followed the steps correctly you will see the custom skin in the drop down list.
  6. Hit confirm and the skin will be loaded.

If this doesn't do the trick you can have a look at our 'How to install a custom skin' guide.


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