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City Group Challenge This is the City Group challenge for Football Manager and it is your goal to dominate the world w... Feb 22, 2024 FM24 Director of Football Challenge The Director of Football Challenge will ask you to give away all of your powers to the AI of Foot... Mar 11, 2023 FM24 Local Hero This is the local hero challenge! Take control of your local club and guide them to glory in Foot... Jan 10, 2023 FM23 Bottom at Christmas This is the bottom at Christmas challenge for Football Manager, a short but tough challenge to co... Jan 10, 2023 FM23 PokéPlayer Challenge This is the Pokemon Challenge for Football Manager! Got to catch them all! Dec 12, 2022 FM23 Big Brother Challenge This is the Big Brother challenge for Football Manager! Take control of the small club in a city ... Dec 11, 2022 FM23 Journeyman Challenge This is the Journeyman Challenge for Football Manager! Travel the world and become the number one... Nov 28, 2022 FM23 Neil Warnock Challenge The Neil Warnock challenge for Football Manager. Try and get those promotions! Nov 25, 2022 FM23 Pentagon Challenge The Pentagon Challenge will test your Football Manager skills as it is your goal to win every Cha... Nov 25, 2022 FM23 Red Bull Challenge This is the Red Bull challenge for Football Manager and it is your goal to dominate the world wit... Nov 25, 2022 FM24 Road to Glory The Road to Glory challenge for Football Manager asks you to become a true club legend! Nov 25, 2022 FM23 Rule Brittannia Challenge This is the Rule Brittannia challenge for Football Manager! Focus on winning trophies in Brittain... Nov 24, 2022 FM23 San Marino Challenge This is the San Marino Challenge for Football Manager! Try to conquer the world with one of the s... Nov 24, 2022 FM23 Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge This is the Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge for Football Manager. A challenge that requires you to wi... Nov 23, 2022 FM23