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France - Lower Leagues

FMInside Dec 16, 2020 Last modified: 24 Nov 14,331 views 3,374 downloads

This download will add the lower leagues of France in Football Manager 2021.

This is the first edition of the R1MO update. It replaces the N3MO update, which was one of the best known French updates in the Football Manager community with our R3MO (8th level).

All credits for this download go to Manager Online, French Football Manager Community.

What is in this update?

We really want our updates to be as realistic as possible. Thus, we do the maximum that we can code with what the pre-game editor offers us. Here is the list of what our brand new Regional 1 update offers:

  • National 2 playable (4 groups of 16 clubs).
  • National 3 playable (12 groups of 14 clubs).
  • Regional 1 playable (31 groups of 11 clubs to 16 clubs).
  • Addition of the 4th Tour of the Coupe de France (entry into the running of National 2 clubs).
  • Addition of the Gambardella - Crédit Agricole Cup.
  • The calendar dates for all championships and cups are realistic compared to the calendars initially planned in July 2020.
  • Respect (as far as possible) of the regionalization of groups from Regional 1 to National 2.

Play-offs for some regional leagues:

  • Grand Est: Dam between the 4 champions, in the form of 2 rounds with round-trip matches. (The winners of the 1st round and the winner of the 2nd round are promoted to National 3, while the loser of the 2nd round remains in Regional 1)
  • Normandy: Fictitious dam making it possible to define the best 2nd of the 2 groups.
  • Paris-Île de France: Fictitious dam making it possible to define the best 2nd of the 2 groups.
  • Pays de la Loire: Fictitious dam allowing to define the best 2nd of the 2 groups.

FM21.1 Database

If you want to use this file with the 21.1 databse you can download this version.

How to install France - Lower Leagues

  1. Download the file
  2. Make sure the .fmf file is stored in \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data
  3. Start Football Manager and start a new career.
  4. When selecting your database files, make sure the editor file is ticked
  5. Continue to Advanced Settings
  6. Once you have selected your Nations & Leagues you can start your game.

Having troubles installing the file? Have a look at our guide on how to start a new save in Football Manager.


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