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Mustermann 23 Skin - v2.11 out now!

Lazy Dec 12, 2022 Last modified: 19 Mar 27,974 views 4,708 downloads

The most innovative skin ever created for Football Manager. A complete overhaul of the UI. Skin has been created by GIMN.

This is a light skin that takes a radical new approach to the original skin of Football Manager. Overview pages have all been overhauled completely, prioritising key information and reducing clutter. On the player profile there is more room for analytics and statistics to take a more 'Moneyball' approach when scouting for players.

The Mustermann skin adss a whole new level to skin creators and is built around the idea of graphical attributes being replaced by images to indicate if a player is excellent, good, average or poor in an area. Using the definitions provided in-game, you can change the thresholds for each definition via 'Skin Colours' in preferences. There is still a regular numerical attribute version for those not quite ready to make that leap.

The attributes have been split into the training groups that influence them so you can view a player's profile in the context of training.

The Touchline Tablet has also seen a complete revamp, and now it actually resembles a tablet. This will be the only way you are able to access information in-game. The Touchline Tablet has also been revamped - redesigned to actually resemble a tablet - and will be the only way you are able to access information in-game. In real life, although tablets are allowed, you rarely see them used by manager's during play as it takes their focus away from the game. Now you'll have to make that assessment, with the tablet obscuring the pitch and no longer having any transparency.

Major Features

  • Grouped by training area, attributes are contextualised with the practical areas they impact
  • Strong prominence to performance data and statistics, with an easy toggle between Total and Per 90 metrics
  • Snapshot buttons on the Home Page, giving you the headline information and deep links to the relevant pages
  • Staff profile overhauled, focussing on tactical preferences and the roles they are open to
  • Expanded Data Hub Summary & Next Opponent Overview
  • "Website-style" design for Club Info, Social Media and News pages
  • (High-Res Only) Change your tactics and training schedules from the Home Page


The download contains two versions for each resolution:

  • Numerical - standard attributes, numbered 1-20
  • Graphical - colour coded boxes representing Excellent, Good, Average & Awful - the colours and attribute ranges can be adjusted via Preferences -> Skin Colours

Patch Notes


  • Added attribute progress graph back to graphical version - no values and floating y axis to keep attributes obscured
  • Added selectors to match report
  • Added alternative full time panel which moved match report to separate screen
  • Fixed issue with dark background for Championship & Bundesliga league table during match intro on light mode


  • Fixed Data Hub Polygon/Pie Chart
  • Added Match Report
  • Added Training to Player Profile
  • Removed Pie Charts from Player Profile
  • Expanded Pros & Cons on Player Profile
  • Added Next Opposition Report to Home for 1360x768
  • Corrected instances of old Graphical Attributes in some instances
  • Fixed instance of wrong colour for right foot strength


  • Adjusted sizing of text elements/widgets on Home page
  • Increased scoreboard width in match tablet
  • Renamed tabs in match tablet to prevent cutoff at lower resolutions (in English)
  • Adjusted background colour for in-match tactical instructions to standout against tablet
  • Restored attribute changes graph to numerical dark version


  • Incorporation of FM Console matchday tablet
  • Fixed issue with staff profile on graphical versions
  • Added popup to see staff job history on lower resolutions
  • Added attribute page to player profile, with hidden selectors for taking screenshots
  • Reinstated reputation rankings to competitions page
  • Fixed issue with tab text colour being difficult to read

Huge credit here to @bluestillidie00 for his attribute_bar class and @_Ben_ for his expansion on those ideas

  • Overlay added to Per 90 statistics to indicate elite, good, average and poor performances by position
  • Graphical attributes image changed - ranges now indicated by size and colour
  • Added more bookmark/shortcut buttons
  • Further colour tweaks


  • Adjusted Next Opponent Report on Home Page
  • Added more bookmark/shortcut buttons
  • Added menu to titlebar for switching between screens
  • Further colour adjustments for inbox items for dark mode


  • Fixed issue with some metrics not being available in squad view
  • Fixed issue with knowledge level showing as a percentage instead of text
  • Adjusted text and background colours for some news items and league results
  • Fixed issue with staff profile not adjusting properly at some resolutions
  • Restored some attribute comparison screens in numerical versions


  • Rejigged home page, featuring more selectors
  • Credits added to start screen
  • Fixed issue with tablet analysis selections resetting between games
  • Added average rating to player popup panel
  • Fixed issue with staff overview not working properly at certain resolutions
  • Fixed issue with international appearances on player popup panel overflowing onto line below
  • Removed attribute backgrounds on numerical version, and made numbers bold for greater visibility

Screenshots Light

Screenshots Dark

How to install Mustermann 23 Skin - v2.11 out now!

  1. Download the skin
  2. Use a tool like Winrar or 7zip to extract the content of the download on your system
  3. Extract the contents of the folder into:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\skins\
    If the skins folder doesn''t exist, you can create it manually.
  4. Run Football Manager and navigate to Preferences > Interface.
  5. In the skin section use the drop down to select the skin. If you have followed the steps correctly you will see the custom skin in the drop down list.
  6. Hit confirm and the skin will be loaded.

If this doesn't do the trick you can have a look at our 'How to install a custom skin' guide.


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