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Mike's Training Schedule (Light)

Lazy Nov 22, 2022 Last modified: 22 Nov 14,924 views 2,412 downloads

This is the light version of Mike's best ever training schedule for Football Manager 2023.

Mike's Training Schedule V1 Light

This is the same training schedule as Mike's normal Training Schedule, though it has an increased number of recovery sessions during the season. This makes the schedule a lot lighter than the normal version, which will be easier on your players and will result in a lower risk of injuries. Though the normal schedule should fit most teams in the game, it is very well possible that your squad can't cope with the training levels.

When do I use this schedule?

If you are using Mike's training schedule and experience too many injuries throughout the season you should use this schedule instead.

How to install Mike's Training Schedule (Light)

  1. Go to the Schedules Tab
  2. Select Schedules > Custom Schedules > Import Schedule
  3. Now locate the training file. This will be under:
    Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/Schedules
  4. The Schedule will now be imported in the game
  5. Hit confirm
  6. Save tab in the bottom right corner
  7. If followed the steps correctly you will see the newly imported schedule in your game.


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