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Non-numeric attributes FM22 Skin

FMInside Nov 21, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 16,041 views 1,230 downloads

Increase the difficulty of Football Manager 2022 with the awesome non-numeric attributes skin. This skin was created by sebastian_starttrbts.

Over the past couple of years Sports Interactive made me fall in love with their Football Manager series, resulting in many thousands of hours trying to manage my way to the top. The only thing I could imagine to expand the Football Manager experience even more was the idea of a playing-style without numeric attributes. Inspired by Cleon’s “The no attribute way”, wkdsouls bars- and attributeless-skin as well as Oliver Jensen’s article on “how to play without attributes” back in FM19, I finally decided to try myself in creating a non-numeric attributes-skin with the release of Football Manager 21. At the moment, I honestly can't imagine playing FM with numeric attributes in the near future again. So here we go, this is StarAttributes22 ...


  • creating a manager shows numeric attributes, but they'll be displayed as stars in your profile once you start your career
  • adjust the thresholds in the custom skin colour-section and define the areas covering an excellent, good, average or low attribute on your personal preferences without any problem in-game
  • customise the colour of the stars by following the step-by-step instruction at the bottom of this post


  • (all) numeric attributes replaced by a star with its colour depending on a certain threshold (low, average, good and excellent)
  • now you can distinguish between un-scouted and low attribute values, however the colour of a star can change with an increase in player knowledge
  • player- and staff-comparison rearranged
  • overhaul in player- and staff-search with the intention to use the advanced search and statistical data to identify potential transfer targets
  • removed any information of numerical player development
  • custom views as well as specific player role views show non-numeric attributes 
  • left and right foot ability instead of preferred foot in player overview
  • added coach report information (pros and cons) to player profile as well as information on nation trained in and club trained at
  • replaced letters with club badges in match score panel
  • enabled to access the visualisation of player performance directly from the player profile
  • added attributes-section to the scouting centre

Personal Note:

  • I am not an advanced skin editor. Thanks to the Skinning Hideout community and their awesome guides I was able to enjoy working on this and I hope it can somehow contribute to this awesome Football Manager series.
  • You can use these panels for your private usage of course. If there are plans on releasing a skin using my panels, please feel free to send me a message and ask for permission first, since it was a lot of work. 
  • Huge thanks @michaeltmurrayukfor his Scoreboard Mod, based on which I replaced the letters with club badges in the match score panel and especially for everything he's doing for the Skinning-community.
  • Special thanks @wkdsoul for giving me permission to include his star-graphic in order to make this skin available for the community as well.


How to install Non-numeric attributes FM22 Skin

  1. Download the skin
  2. Use a tool like Winrar or 7zip to extract the content of the download on your system
  3. Extract the contents of the folder into:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins\
    If the skins folder doesn''t exist, you can create it manually.
  4. Run Football Manager and navigate to Preferences > Interface.
  5. In the skin section use the drop down to select the skin. If you have followed the steps correctly you will see the custom skin in the drop down list.
  6. Hit confirm and the skin will be loaded. Now player and staff profiles show stars, while the different views still show numeric attributes
  7. Exit Football Manager and restart for person properties.xml to load and finally custom views as well as specific player role views show non-numeric attributes


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