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Dark Polish Skin FM22 v1.1

FMInside Nov 2, 2021 Last modified: 8 Dec 9,361 views 1,206 downloads

A dark themed skin for Football Manager 2022. Created by Ceyvol.

Default dark skin how I believe it should be. If you want to keep originality of the game with some not intrusive visual improvements, Dark Polish is what you are looking for. It's clean and low-res friendly.

Dark Polish Skin 22 Features

  • consistent shades of gray
  • ProximaNova font from older FMs
  • improved background selector
  • "Instant Result" button with post-match popup
  • "Huge" database depth option
  • player pictures and role suitability pies on tactic screen
  • past meetings panel under tactic screen (visible on high-res)
  • ribbon navigation in Preferences
  • club profile overhaul (original by Pikawa)
  • stadium picture option in club profiles (default one has dynamic colour)
  • dynamic colours of sidebar, continue buttons and circle icons
  • scoreboard with logos instead of ugly 6-letter names
  • slightly modified player attributes section
  • coloured backgrounds of social media club avatars
  • removed pointless club logo from news item (staff photos are a bit larger now)
  • removed bold and uppercase from headings
  • new FM flags instead of old ones in language change menu
  • fixed broken news feed pictures

Release notes

Version 1.1 includes several features, tweaks, bugfixes and random things such as

  • Home button, FM button and Instant Result button in match screen (you can now leave the match however you need for whatever reason)
  • Fixed coach/scout summary in player overview - with both Current Ability and Potential stars (this one got messed up by game update, I had to redesign it closer to original skin)
  • More vivid club colors in scoreboard (some looked pretty ugly, white especially), also some pixelwork with its corners
  • A bit sharper topbar club logo (this one I updated couple days after release, so only very early downloaders will see any difference)
  • Disabled "huge" database depth option (not working anymore, apparently scrapped by developers internally with final release)
  • Restored "What's new" popup by clicking on the game logo in main menu
  • Updated french flag in languages section

About background selector

FM22 skin overlay has less transparency than FM21's, so bg selector works more like sidebar selector. I chose some competition themed backgrounds which may be of better use for this gimmick (at least if you're not using "icons-only" option). If you wish for plain sidebar, you can disable/enable its colour by choosing between first and last background in the selector.

About role suitability pies

Since some people don't like them, I made replacement files for those who wish to get rid of the pies only, and keep the player photos. Go to: Dark Polish Skin 22\panels\tactics - and replace two "no pies" files with their counterparts.

About scoreboard

Optional scoreboard with full team names is included as well. Find labeled file at: Dark Polish Skin 22\panels\match - and replace it with its counterpart.


How to install Dark Polish Skin FM22 v1.1

  1. Download the skin
  2. Use a tool like Winrar or 7zip to extract the content of the download on your system
  3. Extract the contents of the folder into:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins\
    If the skins folder doesn''t exist, you can create it manually.
  4. Run Football Manager and navigate to Preferences > Interface.
  5. In the skin section use the drop down to select the skin. If you have followed the steps correctly you will see the custom skin in the drop down list.
  6. Hit confirm and the skin will be loaded.

If this doesn't do the trick you can have a look at our 'How to install a custom skin' guide.


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