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Female Staff Shortlist

FMInside Nov 11, 2022 Last modified: 11 Nov 31,449 views 8,146 downloads

This is a shortlist with all the available female backroom staff in Football Manager 2023. Created by the Female Football Manager.

There are over 1600 female staff members in Football Manager 2023 but how many do you know? To help you with this, I have put together a downloadable shortlist to make them easier to find in FM23. I’ve also highlighted a few of the higher rated members of staff, which will make it easier to spot the best female backroom staff members.

This shortlist was created for FM23 but most will still appear in previous versions.

To create the shortlists I used the official FM23 Editor which can be downloaded through Steam.

A lot will have randomly generated stats so you may find someone amazing in one save is poor in another. And vice versa.

Depending on what size database you use, not everyone will appear in your save.

Your shortlist will contain up to 1675 staff members, the actual amount shown will depend on the database size and leagues you have loaded.


How to install Female Staff Shortlist

  1. Download the .fmf file 
  2. Move the file to \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\shortlists
  3. Load Football Manager
  4. Go to Staff > Staff Shortlist
  5. Open the menu under the GEAR icon
  6. Press Load Shortlist
  7. Pick the Shortlists you want to add to your save and press Load to finish

If the shortlist doesn't show up in the load shortlist area, use the 'Import shortlist' function first.


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