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Tactics FM21

Guardiola & Klopp Mixed Football

FMInside Jan 13, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 10,144 views 2,242 downloads

A tactic that combines the power of tiki-taka and gegenpress. This tactic was created by Klashy.

Turning posession into points High pressing

I have tailored these tactics after Josep Guardiolas philosophy at Barcelona and their players, for example the system used in the highly successful 2009-2010 season but also focused on the general characteristics of Pep Guardiolas ideThe Barcelona Tiki Taka tactics is created for everyone who prefers high amount of possession (above 60%), who feels more comfortable when the ball is in the opposite half rather than counter from deep within your own half.

“For Guardiola the ideal striker doesn’t work permanently in the box, instead he arrives there at the culmination of a collectively-constructed attack".

By leaving the penalty box free from players and instead have players arriving there it’s important that the wide forwards (inside forwards) tends to get into opposition area. These movements has the sole purpose to cause panic and chaos in the defensive organization of the opposite team. Achieving to drag players out of position or not may be the difference between a shot on goal (a goal scored) or a blocked shot (failed attack).

In Possession

With the ball I like my players to patiently build up the play with shorter passes at players feet working the ball around until space opens up. With short passing ticked coupled with retain possession the players will look to move the ball patiently between each other reducing the tempo of the match and the overall passing length. It’s all focused on not taking any necessary risk in your own half.

(Thanks also to Josep Guardiola) who makes the game more beautiful every day pushing the borders of what we today think is impossible and devoting his time to make football even more interesting to watch. If football was science, you are the Albert Einstein of football – coming up with concepts and innovating the game to a level we won’t fully comprehend until years have gone by and you have conquered everything possible in football.


One model to use is 2 weeks tactical, 1 week ball control and 1 week attacking per month. But this comes down to analysis of your squad, periodic performance analysis of areas your team might struggle with, either its low goal scoring ratio, poor passing or lack of team movement and tactical understanding.

Team Instructions

How to install Guardiola & Klopp Mixed Football

  1. Download the file
  2. Move the file to \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\tactics
  3. Go to your tactics screen and click the + on the top of the tactics screen
  4. Choose Load Tactic and pick the tactic you want to use
  5. If you followed the steps correctly your downloaded tactic can be used.


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