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FM22 Leagues Megapack - AroundTheGlobe 22.4

DaveTheEditor Dec 1, 2021 Last modified: 19 Apr 30,952 views 5,185 downloads

This is the Around the World Megapack, an addon for Football Manager 2022 that will activate every possible nation and league in the game. Created by Dave the Editor. All packs have been made available for 22.4.

Long live football! These are the words of a madman who owns the latest Football Manager every year but hardly ever plays it, spending most of his time in the editor instead. If something already captivates me as much as Sports Interactive's editor, I might as well use this passion to give the community a little present. The passion of a footballer is indescribably great, almost as great as the choice of countries to conquer when it comes to where to start the next save.

Do I stay at home, do I make the journey to a smaller country or do I spend my time right away in countries like Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, a country that only has three football clubs? Since I like to see people despair (no, I don't ...), I make this decision even more difficult with the help of my megapack. Say goodbye to your friends and family and immerse yourself in the incomprehensibly diverse world of football. Whether England, Georgia or Burundi. Everything is allowed and everything is fun ;)


As in FM21, my goal in FM22 is to make all the countries included in the Football Manager playable for you. With all 6 continents, the already known additional files and the planned new additional files, you will end up with over 200 files. A considerable sum. Therefore, I ask for your patience until all files have branched out into the depths of the internet. To make the wait for certain files more bearable, there is a little release information for each pack.

 CAF (56/56) Released!
 AFC (42/42) Released!
 UEFA (20/20) Released!
 CONCACAF (41/41) Version 3
 OFC (15/15) Version 3
 CONMEBOL (5/5) Released!

Now we come to the further drivel that so and so hardly anyone will read :P

Realism is written in capital letters for me, because without realism the fun of the game suffers extremely and the FM is supposed to be fun.

In order to guarantee realism, all files have been and will be created in the extended rules of the editor (well, the basic rules can't do anything either ;D) and mainly contain changes in the following areas:

  • Squad registration rules (foreigner rules, age restrictions).
  • Realistic league formats, for example Apertura/Clausura and whatever else the football associations have come up with.
  • Realistic TV money*
  • Realistic prize money**
  • VAR (Video Assistant Referee) added
  • New clubs - if the researchers have messed up again
  • TV broadcasts added
  • Added academy leagues in countries where it is necessary (mainly Africa and Asia)

My work is still closely linked to that of @Daveincid. His Megapack is fully compatible with mine and its use is highly recommended for complete play enjoyment.


How to install FM22 Leagues Megapack - AroundTheGlobe 22.4

  1. Download the files
  2. Use a tool like WinRar or 7Zip to unpack the files
  3. Place the files \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\editor data
  4. Start Football Manager 2022 and start a new career
  5. When selecting your database files, make sure the editor files you want to load are ticked
  6. Continue to Advanced Settings
  7. Once you have selected your Nations & Leagues you can start your game.

Having troubles installing the file? Have a look at our guide on how to start a new save in Football Manager.


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