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England Level 12 Database

FMInside Nov 26, 2022 Last modified: 1 Apr 15,345 views 2,466 downloads

This add-on for Football Manager 2023 adds new league levels to England all the way down to Level 11. Created by Dan. Updated for Patch 23.4

This is the real England Football Pyramid created by Dan. This is a realistic and best representation of the English football ladder. With this download you will be able to pick a club from all the way down to level 10!

The England Level 10 database for FM23 includes real competition structures and also includes Cups! The download currently offers the structure down to level 10, but since it is a work in progress more levels will be added throughout the Football Manager season.

**NOTE: It is recommended that you select "Add players to playable teams" from the Advanced Options box when selecting your leagues otherwise 99% teams will have greyed out players however this slows down the game speed. If left unticked the game runs faster however there are less players to pick from in-game***

***IMPORTANT: Due to a bug within the pre-game editor, 8 reserve teams who play in Level 10 leagues have been left out this database, once the issue is fixed I will add them in***

Despite my best efforts there will be some strange club movements into leagues not in their region, unfortunately the game itself isn't clever enough to stop this.

Playable Leagues

  1. Premier League
  2. Championship
  3. League 1
  4. League 2
  5. Conference Premier
    • Conference North
    • Conference South
    • Isthmian Premier
    • Southern League South Division
    • Southern League Central Division
    • Northern Premier
    • Isthmian Division 1 North
    • Isthmian Division 1 South East
    • Isthmian Division 1 South Central
    • Southern League Division 1 Central
    • Southern League Division 1 South
    • Northern Premier Division 1 East
    • Northern Premier Division 1 West
    • Combined Counties League Premier
    • Eastern Counties League Premier
    • Essex Senior League
    • Hellenic League Premier
    • Midland Football League Premier
    • Northern Counties East League Premier
    • Northern League Division One
    • North West Counties League Premier
    • Spartan South Midlands League Premier
    • Southern Combination League Premier Division
    • Southern Counties East League Premier
    • United Counties League Premier
    • Wessex League Premier
    • Western League Premier
    • Combined Counties League Division One
    • Eastern Counties League Division One North
    • Eastern Counties League Division One South
    • East Midlands Counties League
    • Hellenic League Division One East
    • Hellenic League Division One West
    • Midland Football League Division One
    • Northern Counties East League Division One
    • Northern League Division Two
    • North West Counties League Division One North
    • North West Counties League Division One South
    • South West Peninsula League Premier Division
    • Spartan South Midlands League Division One
    • Southern Combination League Division One
    • Southern Counties East League Division One
    • United Counties League Division One
    • Wessex League Division One
    • Western League Division One
    • West Midlands (Regional) League Premier Division

Support Dan

These databases take up a lot of my spare time, if you would like to send me a donation my paypal link is:

Created by DanFMDatabases - twitter @DanFMDatabases

How to install England Level 12 Database

  1. Download the file
  2. Make sure the .fmf file is stored in \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\editor data
  3. Start Football Manager and start a new career.
  4. When selecting your database files, make sure the editor file is ticked
  5. Continue to Advanced Settings
  6. Once you have selected your Nations & Leagues you can start your game.

Having troubles installing the file? Have a look at our guide on how to start a new save in Football Manager.


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