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Increase realism Megapack

Daveincid May 7, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 24,805 views 2,962 downloads

This megapack improves several values for all Nations ingame to increase realism in FM to a whole new level. Now compatible with 21.4.0!

It was fulltime-project over several months and I am happy to finally release all together in a megapack. All files are made with my own created db to ensure consistency in the changes.

This megapack contains following files:

  • Daveincid’s Alternative Youth Rating + Game Importance and others
  • Daveincid’s Salaries, Market-values (W) and Sponsors
  • Daveincid’s current currency exchange-values
  • Daveincid’s League reputation change
  • Daveincid’s financial behaviour improvement
  • Daveincid’s Transfer Preferences 
  • Daveincid’s club transfer preferences
  • Daveincid’s RBS change
  • Daveincid’s language-fix switzerland
  • Daveincid’s sugardaddy-fix
  • Daveincid’s Ticket-price-adjustments
  • Daveincid’s citizenship-fix v.1 NEW
  • Daveincid’s Nations Agreements by DaveTheEditor v1.0 NEW

Due all files are direct or indirect connected together, I highly recommend using all files at the same time.

All files are tested over 5-years ingame at minimum to ensure there aren't game-breaking bugs. It is generally compatible with other editor files, as long as there where no changes for theese values, which is very unlikely.

What does each file do?

Daveincids Alternative Youth Rating + Game Importance and others v1.2:

  • Newly set National Youth Ratings
  • Game Importance adjustments
  • State of development adjusted according to DAC-List

The ratings are based on a huge database of personal research about all Nations, which includes but not limited to:

  • HDI (Human Development Index)
  • Population of a Country
  • How popular football is in the country
  • Worldwide success national team
  • Continental success national team
  • Success U-natioal team
  • Which Confederation they are in (ex. UEFA, CONCACAF)
  • Value National Team
  • Record attendance National Team
  • Average league attendance from top league (as far as I could find them)

The combination of these changes will lead to:

  • Less newgens with worldclass talent as per default
  • More worldwide diversification of talent
  • Easier to improve smaller nations where football is popular in longterm-saves
  • Fight about the biggest talents, so the AI tries to keep their talents at the club, because there are less of them

Daveincids improved market values + Salaries + Sponsors v1.0

This file brings a lot of dynamic in a more static FM-World by default.

  • Adjusted Market values to replicate transfer fees better
  • Increased potencial Salaries for Top-players. 

Default salaries are too low in Top-5 Leagues in the future. Less money on salary spent has a inflating effect for bank balance overall.  This money increases transfer fees in smaller leagues and causes problems there because theese Clubs get much higher transfer-fees as they usually get.

  • Decreased salaries for some Nations

Some Nations are paying much more money in the future as they do at the start of the save. This was again a complicated balancing-act to find the "sweet-spot". It's based on actual data as far as I could find them. If you still spot too high salaries in some Nations please let me know!

This was by far the most difficult file to create. It tries to replicate the real world better in the short run but at the same time it should give every Nation the chance of improvement (according to its potencial). This file changes this to get closer to real-life. Its not the goal to get it 1:1, because some Nations are already close to their calculated maximum potencial and some are just at the beginning.

v1.1 fixed issues for following Nations which have too high transfer-fees for weak players (youngsters) in the default db: Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Colombia, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Ukraine, Hungary and Uruguay. If you spot more of theese transfers in theeses or in custom leage files, please let me know.

Daveincids current currency exchange rate v1.0

I have made adjustments to current values for 123 currencies. The biggest impact you will notice is in Venezuela.

This file will replicate the financial situation of all Nations more accurate to their current situation IRL.

Daveincids League reputation change v1.0

This file lowers the gap slightly between the Top-Nations and all the others in Europe. It also boosts Top-Nations outside of Europe slightly and should increase the competition globally.

Daveincids finances mod v1.0

My theory is, that the money teams are having at the start, is actually in most cases not there IRL. So it's kind of "Inflation-Money" which is leading to a imbalanced game-world.

By default, I experienced that following things happend very often, which isn't realistic to me:

  • Clubs will have way too much money in the future
  • Clubs (especially outside of top5 leagues) are spending much more money for transfers and wages than IRL. I have seen smaller Nations which paid double the money for wages per average for their Top-League-Teams after 4 years

With this file you will get:

  • More realistic transfer-fees
  • Teams should focus more on their youth
  • No inflation of wages
  • Teams like Barca do have financial problems in the beginning, but they will be able to deal with it of course
  • Better financial balancing for longterm-saves

Daveincids Belgium sponsorship fix v1.0

During my tests I saw a mistake in the default db that Belgium Top-Teams are getting 65mio per year from sponsors. After a quick research I realized that this is a decimal-point-mistake. Until a patch fixes this, I created this file.

Daveincids and majesticeternitys Transfer Preferences file v1.0

This file was a cooperation with majesticeternity

It gives you a much more realistic behaviour of where players from which Leagues and Nations are going to play in the future.

Feel free to support my work

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How to install Increase realism Megapack

  1. Download the file
  2. Make sure the .fmf file is stored in \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data
  3. Start Football Manager and start a new career.
  4. When selecting your database files, make sure the editor files are ticked
  5. Continue to Advanced Settings
  6. Once you have selected your Nations & Leagues you can start your game.

Having troubles installing the file? Have a look at our guide on how to start a new save in Football Manager.


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