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Realistic Weather

Lazy Dec 18, 2020 Last modified: 24 Nov 6,940 views 1,025 downloads

Real-life annual weather data to increase realism in Football Manager 2021.

Credits to this file go to majesticeternity

Real-life annual weather data from and was used to optimize current weather patterns, and create new ones. 

This file will do 2 things:

1. Help give the feeling of being in different countries. No longer does every region have a similar type of weather. For example, the Brazilian Amazon's Spring is now only 20% likely to be dry, instead of the original 60%(be prepared for delayed games!). It feels much more "tropical". The Spanish coast highly contrasts it, being most often very calm, dry, and mild. Originally, France used England's weather, and was 75% chance to be calm wind. Now, a match in France is 80% likely to be anywhere from breezy to extremely windy. Mexico will now either by dry or stormy. Swedish coast in the spring is no longer mostly 7-13 C, but can be anywhere from -7 to 21 C.

2. It will also, in some regions, increase whatever effect weather already has. Russian Siberia's winter is now TRULY cold, so if cold has ANY effect in the ME, it will be more apparent. Originally, winter in the Siberian region was mostly 0 to -7. It now is mostly -16 and below. On the other side, Mexican desert originally only reached 34 C at times. Now it can go above 43 C.

Can you battle the down-pour from Kyushu, Japan's typhoon season, the below -20 temps in Russia, the sweltering heat of Mexico, or the hot summers and monsoons in Senegal? Or do you prefer the mild, sunny Mediterranean side of Spain?

If you like this creation, and wish to support the hours of work, you can donate.

How to install Realistic Weather

  1. Download the file
  2. Make sure the .fmf file is stored in \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data
  3. Start Football Manager and start a new career.
  4. When selecting your database files, make sure the editor file is ticked
  5. Continue to Advanced Settings
  6. Once you have selected your Nations & Leagues you can start your game.

Having troubles installing the file? Have a look at our guide on how to start a new save in Football Manager.


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