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Player personalities

Personalities in Football Manager determine how a player behaves on and off the pitch. In this guide we explain how a players’ personality is build up and how this effects perfomances.

How to create 5 star training

If you want to train your players in the best possible way, you will need 5 star training in Football Manager. This guide learns you how that works.

FM18 essential downloads

You have just installed Football Manager 2018 and you want to add some more realism to the game. A list with essential downloads.

The benefit of retraining players

Retraining players in Football Manager could enhance your squad capabilities without having to search the transfer market. We explain how it can work.

Tips for starting a new save

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the options after starting a new save on Football Manager? Keysi Rensie gives you hints and tips where to look.

How to defend corners properly

Want to learn more about how to defend corners in Football Manager? In this guide we explain how you could be defending a lot better!

The Raumdeuter role

The Raumdeuter is one of the most underrated positions in Football Manager. This guide shows you why he could have a vital role in your tactics.

The Regista role

What can you expect from the Regista player role in Football Manager? His playing style, needed attributes and more are in this guide.

The Roaming Playmaker role

What is the Roaming Playmaker player role and what can he do for your team? In this tactical guide we take a closer look into this elite player role.

Improving your youth intake

Would you like to improve the level of your yearly youth intake in football manager? We give hints and tips to get that new Lionel Messi newgen!

Signing a Head of youth

A class Head of Youth Development is vital if you want to improve your yearly youth intake. In this guide we look at his attributes and responsibilities.

Keeping injuries under control

Having troubles with injuries in Football Manager? In this guide we give you several tips that will keep your players fit during the season.

Current & Potential Ability

What is Current or Potential ability and how does Football Manager use these to build player profiles? We explain how the system works.

How to set Opposition Instructions

What are Opposition instructions and how can you use them in your advantage? We discuss all different types and how these can help you get the win.

How to pick your captain

How to pick your captain on Football Manager. We give you some advice and points to consider when selecting the new captain for your team.

The Football Manager pregame editor

Would you like to use the Football Manager pregame editor, but you can’t find it? In this guide we explain how to find and how to install the editor in 3 simple steps.

How to set up a scouting network

Would you like to scout the next Lionel Messi? With this guide we will learn you how to set up a global scouting network in Football manager.

Signing the right scouts

Did you know scouts can do a lot more for you than just look for new players? In this guide we explain everything you need to know about scouts in FM.

How to create a basic tactic

Creating a tactic is a hard and difficult are of Football Manager. In this guide we will explain how to create a basic tactic to build on.

Attacking corner routines

In this guide we will be helping you to get started in creating attacking corner routines. We will give you three different working routines.

How to use a wage cap

In this guide I will try to explain how you can use and manage a wage cap for your squad and earn a lot of money in Football Manager.

How pitch dimensions affect tactics

What if I told you picking your pitch dimensions can have an influence on your own teams tactics and can be an positive influence on the opponents tactics.

Wasting time & parking the bus

Are you fed up with conceding late goals? This article helps you to create the perfect tactic for wasting time in Football Manager.

How to build a new stadium

Building a new stadium in Football Manager isn’t difficult. However convincing the board to build one much harder. We explain how to get them to build one.

How to improve your tactics

Having troubles finding the correct team and player instructions? We explain how you can be improving tactics in Football Manager.

How to end a losing streak

Is your team on a losing streak in Football Manager? We explain how you can boost the morale of your team and get back to winning games again.

How to set up team training

In this guide we show you in 5 steps the basics of applying a basic form of team training for your team in Football Manager.

How to setup your preseason

Preseason training is the first step you take into a successful season. In this guide we explain how to get the best results in Football Manager.

How to add custom graphics

Tired of having unlicensed kits and badges or not having real player faces? In this quick guide we explain how to add custom graphics to Football Manager.

How to add custom skins

Getting tired of that base skin in Football Manager? Add custom skins to your game. In this easy to follow step by step guide, we explain how to add one.

How to make money

Did you know you can make a shitload of money in Football Manager, just by applying some easy tips? In this guide we explain how you can make easy money.