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FMInside Dec 24, 2020 Last modified: 6 Oct 39,151 views

A closer look at the Libero player role in Football Manager.

What is a Libero?

Football Manager states: The Libero drops behind the defensive line, aiming to sweep up through balls, pick up extra attackers and make goal saving tackles, blocks and interceptions.

His exceptional athleticism and reading of the game enable him to cover for defensive errors, take possession of loose balls from a deep opposition and secure possession. However, he will also roam forward in support of the midfield when the team has possession.

The Libero player role is only available in the central position in defense and he can be given a support or attack duty.

Support: The Libero will step into the midfield when possession is secured and look to play through balls to attacking teammates.

Attack: The Libero ventures much higher up the pitch to provide a goal scoring threat from distance alongside looking to play in teammates.

A 'unique' role in FM

Essentially the Libero is your last line of defense when out of possession. He will play between your two central defenders and the goalkeeper as he looks to sweep loose balls behind the defense.

However, the Libero is a very unique player role as he will perform a totally different role when your team has possession. When the ball is won, he will have the approval to push forward into the midfield, becoming an extra midfielder. When he is on an attack duty he will be even pushing further forward, trying to assist the forwards when your team is on the attack.

When do I pick a Libero?

The Libero is only available in the central position of the defence, meaning you will most likely be using this role when you play a three-man defense. The Libero is ideal to use when you play a 3-5-2 and want him to move into the midfield to play as a defensive midfielder when you have the ball. 

Which attributes does a Libero need?

The Libero is a unique player role as it requires the player to master almost every area of the game. He needs to be technical enough to spot passes, needs the defensive capabilities to cover for his teammates, he needs the mentality to work hard and move into spaces, while he also needs the physical abilities to cover much ground.

A little bit of everything for the Libero. First Touch and Passing combined with Vision for his playmaking abilities, Composure, Concentration and Decisions when he is in tight areas and needs to think fast, Anticipation and Teamwork to work his ass off for the gaps in your own defense.

Desireable Attributes

These attributes don't make the Libero, these make a good one even better. The desireable attributes could aid in certain individual player instructions as you could instruct your Libero to Dribble more. While it is not expected your Libero should have 15+ on all of these, a rating of 10 or higher is a big pro.

Libero on Support Duty

Key Attributes Desireable Attributes
First Touch Dribbling
Marking Heading
Passing Technique
Tackling Bravery
Anticipation Flair
Composure Agility
Concentration Balance
Decisions Jumping Reach
Positioning Stamina
Team Work Strength

Libero on Attacking Duty

If you want a Libero to play with an Attacking Duty there are more key attributes, with Dribbling being added as a key attribute and Long Shots being added as a desireable attribute.

Key Attributes Desireable Attributes
Dribbling Heading
First Touch Long Shots
Marking Technique
Passing Bravery
Tackling Acceleration
Anticipation Agility
Composure Balance
Concentration Jumping Reach
Decisions Stamina
Flair Strength

Libero player traits

Player traits are actions a player will more likely perform during a match than others.They don't give him extra abilities, but will affect his decision making. A player trait can be learned through individual training or through mentoring.

For a Libero you could be looking at the following player traits:

  • Brings Ball out of defense
  • Likes to switch ball to other flank
  • Looks for pass rather than attempting to score
  • Plays One-Two's
  • Tries killer balls often
  • Tries long range passes
  • Runs with ball through centre
  • Tries to play way out of trouble

Libero's in FM23

A selection of good or interesting Shadow Strikers in FM23 based on their current ability and Key attributes for this player role.

  • RAT
  • name
  • age
  • sell value
  • POT


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