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Segundo Volante

FMInside Dec 28, 2020 Last modified: 6 Oct 52,958 views

A closer look at the Segundo Volante player role in Football Manager.

What is a Segundo Volante?

Football Manager States: The Segundo Volante is different from the Deep-Lying Playmaker in that their role is primarily a defensive one best suited to being paired with an Anchor Man, and is also different from the Ball-Winning Midfielder, in that they often run with the ball, or arrive with a late run, into the opposition area in much the same way a Box-to-Box Central midfielder does.

The Segundo Volante is only available on the position of Defensive midfielder and can be given both a support or attacking duty,

Versatility is key

The Segundo Volante is a bit of everything and therefore needs to be very versatile in his skillset. He is a combination of a Ball-Winning Midfielder and a Box-to-Box midfielder in Football Manager. He will need to be able to win balls and cover space on the midfield, while he will also need the skills to move forward as he attempts to provide the attacking players with a passing option in the opposition area.

When do I pick a Segundo Volante?

Pick a Segundo Volante if you decide to play with two defensive midfielders in the centre of the pitch, for example a 4-2-3-1 formation.

He is only available in one of the two side positions on the DM position and you will need a second DM for this role. A lone Segundo Volante will give your opponent too much space and the role will not be effective at all.

Which attributes does a Segundo Volante need?

A Segundo Volante needs to have the best of both worlds, meaning he will need attacking and defensive attributes. However, much will differ from the duty you give him. Both need different sets of attributes.

Main difference between these two sets of attributes are the 'attacking' attributes for the attacking duty. Finishing and Long Shots are required as the attacking aspects of his game are the main priority. This will shift when you select a support role. Now he will be concentrating on winning the ball back and mark other players.

Support Duty

Key Desirable
Marking Finishing
Passing First Touch
Tackling Long Shots
Off the Ball Anticipation
Positioning Composure
Work Rate Concentration
Pace Decisions
Stamina Acceleration

Attacking Duty

Key Desirable
Finishing First Touch
Long Shots Marking
Passing Composure
Tackling Concentration
Anticipation Decisions
Off the Ball Acceleration
Positioning Balance
Work Rate Strength

Segundo Volante player traits

Player traits are actions a player will more likely perform during a match than others.They don't give him extra abilities, but will affect his decision making. A player trait can be learned through individual training or through mentoring.

For a Segundo Volante you could be looking at the following player traits:

  • Places shots
  • Shoots from distance
  • Shoots with power
  • Tries first time shots
  • Arrives late in opponents area
  • Gets forward whenever possible
  • Gets into opposition area

Traits to avoid

  • Runs with ball often
  • Refrains from taking long shots
  • Stays back at all times

Segundo Volante's in FM23

A selection of good or interesting Segundo Volante's in FM23 based on their current ability and Key attributes for this player role.

  • RAT
  • name
  • age
  • sell value
  • POT
  • 81
  • David AlabaDL, DC, WBL, MCDL, DC
  • 30
  • € 61,759,410
  • 87
  • 75
  • DaniloDR, DL, DCDR, DC
  • 30
  • € 33,051,160
  • 78
  • 66
  • AndréDM, MCDM, MC
  • 20
  • € 43,581,250
  • 79
  • 73
  • SaúlDM, MC, MR, MLDM, MC, ML
  • 27
  • € 16,628,390
  • 81


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