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Fake Teams Fix

Lazy Oct 22, 2021 Last modified: 30 Mar 62,202 views

Due to licencing the national of Germany and Japan aren't playable in the standard edition of Football Manager. This guide will help you fix that!

This fix will apply on ALL versions of Football Manager. Just replace the xx in the folders with the version you are using and you will find the same folder structure.

What will this fix correct?

  • National teams of Japan & Germany become playable
  • It will enable real player faces for certain national teams
  • Fix real names of certain people
  • Fix names for several Scandinavian competitions
  • Restore real players from several clubs
  • Fix club, league and stadium colors for Asian clubs

What will this not fix?

  • Correct team names for Portuguese, Brazilian and other clubs
  • Correct Team colors for Brazilian and other clubs
  • Correct league and club names for competitions all over the world

To use real club and competition names, please download The Football Manager Update.

How to apply the fix in Football Manager 2023

Step 1: Find the folders

After you have installed Football Manager on your system go to:


Steam installation

Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Football Manager 20xx \ data \ database \ db \ 20xx \ lnc \ all

Epic Games installation

Program Files (x86) \ Epic Games \ Football Manager 20xx \ data \ database \ db \ 20xx \ lnc \ all

Microsoft Game Pass

Program Files (x86) \ WindowsApps \ Football Manager 20xx \ data \ database \ db \ 20xx \ lnc \ all


/ Users / username / Library / Application Support / Steam / SteamApps / common / Football Manager 20xx / data / database / db / 20xx / lnc / all

IMPORTANT: 20XX stands for version. This can be 2022 or 2023 depending on the version of your game.

Step 2: Delete files

In the folder all you will see several files. Delete the following two files from the folder:

  • fake
  • nleague

Step 3: Load up Football Manager

Load your save or start a new game in Football Manager. This fix is savegame compatible and will not require you to start a new save. 

However, sometimes the national teams will still show fake players after the first load. At the next international squad selection this will be fixed.


With every new database SI launch (after the winter patch), you will have to follow the steps above again to make sure the German and Japan national teams keep real players.


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