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How to make money in Football Manager

Len Nov 9, 2020 Last modified: 17 Apr 1,119 views

This guide will learn you how to make money in Football Manager.

Money, money and more money! One of the essential keys for success in modern football is money. Clubs tend to spend millions to attract the best players and the height of these fees have been going through the roof in recent years. The money section of Football Manager is one that has been updated over the years and has been taking a crucial place in the game.

Buying and selling players

Obviously buying and selling players is the first and most easy way to earn money in Football Manager. But it is easier said than done. When looking for a new player, always think ahead and don’t live in the ‘now’ too much. Off course a player must be able to help your team perform, but the future is also very important.

Aim for players that aren’t considered to be top players, and aim your transfer policy on players that will need some development. By getting some good performances, you will see the quality of the player increasing, and his Estimated Transfer Value going up. Then when the time is right, sell the player for a big profit.


Ok, spending money isn’t a way to get that balance up. But by getting young players for the right price is essential for getting a nice profit in the end. We will discuss three different options to save money with buying players.

Player / Manager interaction

Make sure a player likes you before you try to buy him. Use the player interaction to let him know you are in awe of him. Then when you make a bid and his clubs rejects, it could result in him requesting a transfer. When listed, a transfer fee is always lower.

But creating some friends in management is also very handy to have. Befriend some managers by being positive in the media and use the interaction to get on their good side. Making an offer to a befriended manager will result in him accepting lower bids.


Adding clauses are the best way to exploit the transfer system in Football Manager. You can easily lower a fee by adding the correct clauses. For example when making a bid for a defender. You know he will not be the leading goal scorer in your team, so add a clause for 50 League Goals. You should also add the ‘Arrange Friendly’ to the bid. Not only will teams accept lower bids, but you have a friendly set for the preseason, which also earns you money.

Free transfers

Sign players on a free transfer. I’m hearing you think: ‘well duh’. But seriously; sign players on a free transfer is an ideal way to create easy money on Football Manager. You can turn your club in a real money machine by contracting players on a free and simply selling them in the next transfer window. When signing players on a free transfer, don’t limit yourself to players that could strengthen your first team, but look for players that can earn you money as well.

Selling players

First thing you will need to learn is don’t fall in love with your players. Everybody is for sale and don’t hang on to your players too long. Either you miss out on a good fee, or you will have an unhappy player in your squad. Knowing when the time is right to sale is an important rule for making money.

Clauses are key

When you are looking to sell a player, make sure you always add some clauses to the transfer. This could earn you some extra income in the future, money that you didn’t even expected to earn. Look for clauses that have percentages like future fees, for example 30, 40 or 50% from the future fee. The only time you will lose out on money, is when the players gets released on a Free Transfer by his new club. But that will almost never happen.


Not only buying and selling players can earn you a lot of money. But using the correct negotiation strategy in Contract Talks could also earn your club millions over the years. You might not see a direct effect of these, but when you look back at your yearly financial report, you will notice that your expenditure has been much lower than normal.

The first rule when negotiating a contract: always try to lower the demands from the player you are negotiating with. Never accept the demands right away, always and we mean ALWAYS try to bargain a deal.

Three things you always have to check when negotiating a contract:

Squad status

Start off with the demanded Squad Status. Never accept the players’ or agent’s demands, but try to lower it. Having a lower Squad status could result in a player wanting to earn less, but he will also nag less if you decide to place him on the bench.


Second step is taking out as much of the Clauses you possibly can. For example the ‘Match highest earner’ is a showstopper and must ALWAYS be taken out of the contract. But also look to skip clauses like Yearly Wage Rise, Appearance Fee and other bonuses.


The third and final step is playing with the demanded wages. Never accept the demands, but always try lower it. It will be a game, as you lower the offer and the player will then counter. But you can easily get off 3-5 clicks of his initial wage demand.

Agent fees

One thing you should never try to save money on is the Agent fee. These little buggers are amazingly greedy and if you keep their fee high enough, you will be saving some money on clauses and wages. You might be needing a calculator through these steps, but they are very much worth the effort.

Wage cap

The best way of saving money on contracts and wages is by implementing a tight Wage Structure or Wage Cap at your club. Although this will take some determination, you will experience great results on the financial tab of your club.

Upgrade your facilities

How can spending money earn you money? Well simple; by expanding your stadium you could be creating better hospitality services in your stadium. You will be able to attract more and better sponsors and those deals could earn you a big load of money every season.

But also improving your training and youth facilities could benefit your bank balance on the long run. Better facilities means better training, which mean better performances in the league and the possibility to either sell your players for a higher fee or winning more games and earning more money in TV rights or European tournaments.


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