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Laptop/PC buying guide for Football Manager

FMInside Oct 19, 2022 Last modified: 6 Oct 10,542 views

In this guide you will find some essential tips on what to look for when buying a new laptop to play Football Manager 2023.

You don't need a hig-end computer to play Football Manager 2023. It is very well possible to play the game with a decent size database on normal settings on a machine under €500. However, if you are planning to play a save with a massively large database on the highest settings you should be looking at a minimal of €750.


Your budget is key when looking for a new pc or laptop. Determine what your maximum budget is and take that as a starting point. The budget you have is also something that could help you manage your expectations. If your budget is limited it is veryl likely that you will need to lower your expectations.

There is one interesting fact though: an expensive computer isn't always the best option.

Expensive doesn't mean it has the best options. For example computers that are compact or focused on portability could be a lot more expensive than a larger 'regular' sized computers with beter specs.

Overal Use

What are you planning to do with the new laptop or deskop? Only play games? Or will you be using it for work and other stuff as well? These things could influence your choices for finding a new device and you have to be aware of the different specs needed for different types of use. Luckily most webshops nowadays have preset filters that you can use to find specific devices, for example Gaming Laptops, Work Laptops and so on.

Which Specs should I look at?

First thing you need to do is check the minimum requirements for the game you want to play. These will give you a good indication of the level of specs you will need to run the game.

Then, when you are ready to start browsing the web for a new machine there are several areas to have a closer look at or give more importance to.

These are:

  • CPU or Processor
  • GPU or Graphics Card
  • RAM or internal memory
  • SSD

CPU / Processor

This is a key element of any pc or laptop. In principle it means: a better CPU will allow you to run games and other programs smoother. In terms of Football Manager it will process the game faster and will allow you to run more leagues and nations at the same time.

GPU / Graphics Card

This part is responsible for the graphics and probably the most expensive part in any device. And while Football Manager doesn't seem to be that hard on graphics in terms of quality, the match engine does require a good graphics card to run smoothly.

Also, a better graphics card will allow you to play other games as well.

RAM / Internal Memory

RAM or the internal memory is used to run more than one program at the same time. Each program uses a percentage of RAM to operate. The more RAM you have, the more programs you can run and the better your performances will be. Examples are Football Manager, an internet browser, streaming app etc.


SSD stands for Solid State Drive. This is basicaly your hard drive which stores all the data and programs. In the past people would be using Hard Drives (or HDD) as a standard but nowadays SSD is becoming the standard in every machine.

The SSD is a more modern version of the Hard Disk Drive that will run smoother, more efficient and therefore quicker. When a SSD will not make Football Manager run much faster, it will help you with faster loading times in general. Meaning it will take less time for your device to start or close down. One thing you will notice when you are using a SSD in Football Manager is the faster saving times.If you are using the 3 file back up system in FM, the SSD will be a lot faster when saving the game.

Screen size

Does size really matter? Well, for playing games it really does! But that will also depend on your overall expectance and lifestyle. If you are someone that loves to play Football Manager from home: go big! But, if you are planning to play FM as part of your daily commute to work a smaller laptop would be the best choice.

In general a bigger screen is recommended for playing Football Manager. You will have a hard time to enjoy the game when you are on a smaller size screen, especially with all the data and numbers in modern verisons of the game. Also, a lot of the custom skins that are available in the community are designed for larger screens and resolutions. Besides, the larger your screen, the more widgets you will be able to fit in during matches..

So in that regard, a 2-in-1 laptop is worth looking into.

To close

When looking to buy a new laptop or desktop there are some things to consider. First decide your budget and overall use, then use the internet to find devices that not only match your budget and wishes but also have the specifications that match your needs. Finally, decide on the screen size based on your desired way to play and you are all set!


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