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5 hints that you want a new save

FMInside Feb 4, 2021 Last modified: 19 Aug 5,233 views

Here are five hints that you are ready to start a new save in Football Manager.

You have started a save, signed the players you wanted and won the trophies you aimed to win. At this point you don't know whether to give up or simply show the determination to start a new season and continue your save. In this article we discuss five hints that can indicate that you really need a new save.

1. Reluctant to click 'Load last Save'

One of the first things you will encounter is reluctantly loading your current save. You start up Football Manager and you have entered the main screen. You can then easily load your existing save with a single click, but the call of the button 'Start a new career' is luring at you.... Can you withstand the pressure and load your old save or have you already clicked the new career button once?

2. Holidaying the seasons

There may come a point in Football Manager that you are constantly in holiday mode. You have left the preseason to your assistant for years and now you notice that you also start to skip certain league and cup matches. You limit your input only to the European competitions and you leave everything to your backroom staff.

3. Space bar pumping

When you first started your save it sometimes took hours to press continue even once. You were busy with tactics, training schedules and was looking for new players. But now that your top team is in place and your training sessions are already fixed, you start to notice that you press the spacebar faster and more often. You spend less and less time with your team and the things you normally pay attention to pass by.

4. Getting envious of other saves and blogs

We all follow other blogs or save updates on social media. Inspiring stories, journeyman saves that blow you away and club choices that leave you amazed. The Football Manager community is very large and the number of different stories and saves is almost limitless. And be honest, it was probably a blog, book, article or football match that inspired you to start your career in Football Manager the first place. Problem is that you start your save and you don't stop reading these blogs or save updates. These could really influence your motivation to continue your own save. 

5. Starting a side save

The best hint you get is starting a 'side save'. You say it won't affect your main save but we all know this isn't true. Yeah yeah you are only testing out some tactics or looking to use certain players..... right? You say to yourself that this is just a side save and that you won't forget about the wonderkids from your main save. But we all know that isn't true... If you are really enjoying your side save it might be a good time to say goodbye to your main save.


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