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A closer look at the Full-Back player role in Football Manager.

What is a Full-Back?

Football Manager states: The Full-back is a key player in modern football, having to supplement his traditional defensive duties with overlapping runs don the wing to support forward play and help attacks overload the final third. Although primarily a defensive player, he must be prepared to get forward when the team needs extra width.

The Full-Back player role is available on a Defensive, Support, Attacking & Automatic duty

Defending, playmaking and attacking

A Full-back is a defensive player who plays on the left or right flank of the field. Their primary role is to defend the flank against opposition attacks and support the team in attack by overlapping the wingers. In recent years, the role of Full-backs has evolved, and they are now expected to contribute to the team's attack, providing crosses and making forward runs to create scoring opportunities.

When do I pick a Full-back?

A Full-back is a key player in any team, and their role is essential in both defensive and attacking situations. Full-backs are ideal for teams that play with a back four, and they are also used in a back three formation. Full-backs are essential when playing against teams that use wingers to stretch the play and create attacking opportunities.

Which attributes does a Full-back need?

To be a successful Full-back in Football Manager 2023, a player must possess specific attributes. These include high levels of pace, acceleration, and stamina, which are crucial for overlapping runs and defending the flank. The Full-back must also have good dribbling, passing, and crossing abilities, which will allow them to contribute to the team's attack. Other important attributes include tackling, marking, and anticipation, which will help the Full-back defend against opposition attacks.


Key Desirable
Marking Crossing
Tackling Passing
Anticipation Composure
Concentration Decisions
Positioning Teamwork


Key Desirable
Marking Crossing
Tackling Dribbling
Anticipation Passing
Concentration Composure
Positioning Decisions
Teamwork Pace
Work Rate Stamina


Key Desirable
Crossing Dribbling
Tackling First Touch
Anticipation Marking
Positioning Passing
Teamwork Technique
Work Rate Composure
Pace Decisions
Stamina Off the Ball


Key Desirable
Marking Crossing
Tackling Dribbling
Anticipation Passing
Concentration Technique
Positioning Composure
Teamwork Decisions
Work Rate Pace

What are the best player traits for a Full-back?

Player traits are actions a player will more likely perform during a match than others.They don't give him extra abilities, but will affect his decision making. A player trait can be learned through individual training or through mentoring.

  • Getting Forward whenever possible: Especially useful for full-backs with an attacking or support duty. This trait will increase the number of forward runs a player makes during a game.
  • Likes to cross from the byline: This trait is useful is a full-back is a good crosser. Have him fly in crossed to a big target striker.
  • Players one-twos: Useful for an attacking minded full-back. Hand the full-back enough simple passing options to encourage one-twos on the side. Very useful if you combine this trait with the Getting Forward whenever possible trait.

Which tactical style or team instructions will suit a Full-back?

The Full-back player role is suited for a range of tactical styles and team instructions. In an attacking style of play, Full-backs are encouraged to make overlapping runs, provide crosses, and contribute to the team's attack. In a defensive style of play, Full-backs are expected to remain deep and defend the flank against opposition attacks. Team instructions that suit Full-backs include "overlap right/left," "look for overlap," and "stay back while attacking."

To conclude

The Full-back player role is critical in modern football, and it requires players with specific attributes and player traits. The Full-back is responsible for defending the flank and supporting the team in attack. A Full-back player role is suited for a range of tactical styles and team instructions, and the top Full-backs in Football Manager 2023 are some of the most skilled and versatile players on the field.


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