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Medical Centre in Football Manager

Lazy Nov 9, 2020 Last modified: 19 Aug 10,098 views

This guide will explain all the tabs that are in the Medical Centre in Football Manager.

The Medical Centre is an important area to keep a close look at the fitness of your squad in Football Manager. This new area was introduced in FM18 and has been further developed in Football Manager 2019 and later versions. In this Base Guide we will talk you through the Medical Centre and will explain all the various options and tabs you have.

Medical Centre Overview

You starting point when entering the Medical Centre. Here you will see the overview of your medical staff's Risk Assessment on all players that have an increased injury risk. At the start of a season it will be a long list with players, mainly because they are all missing Match Sharpness.

During the season the list will become shorter and will only show the players with an Increased Injury Risk at that moment. These will mainly be players that lack Match Sharpness, players that are fatigued or players that have recently returned from an injury.


In the bottom left of the screen you will see an overview of all your current injuries. These can be sorted on Major, Moderate, Minor and Slight. If a player is out for 4 or more weeks, he will be put in the Major category.

Recently returned from injury

As the title says, this is the place where you find a list with players that have recently returned from injury. They will be removed from the list if they have returned to full fitness and full training. This is a good area to keep a close view on the fitness levels of those players.

Medical Centre Overview

Risk Assessment

The second tab is the Risk Assessment Tab and here you will be given a more in-depth look for this area. We will discuss all the panels you see here.

Assessment by

Here you will see a description of an overall risk assessment by one of your backroom staff members. This will be the one that is in charge of your medical staff. If you have a Head Physio, he will be the one responsible. But this could easily be a Head of Sports Science or a Club Docter, depending on the staff you have at your club.


This panel will display your next 3 fixtures and will also show how many days there are left until your next game. This will allow you to quickly see if you have an important fixture coming up.

Team Training Workload

A quick overview of the total workload of your training schedule. By clicking the title you will be taken to the Training Tab and you will be able to alter your schedule if it is too heavy.

Risk Assessment

This area shows less information than the Risk Assessment area in the overview tab, but still usable information. You can quickly see a player's Match Load, Training Load, Condition and Match Sharpness and his Physical Status.

Medical Centre Risk Assessment

Current Injuries

An overview of all the players that are currently injured. Here you see the date a player suffered his injury, a players squad status, the injury itself, the physical status, a detailed description of the injury and expected time out, the type of treatment and his expected return.

Medical Centre Current Injuries

Injury History

This tab will give you a complete view of your squad's injury history. You can look back at older seasons to see which players were injured during that season. A quick look at all the panels.


A graph of your injuries during the season. At the end of the season this will give you a nice indication in which months you had the most injuries.

League Comparison

Compare your total injuries to the rest of the league. Handy if you want to quickly see how your squad compares to other teams for the total amount of injuries during a season.

Most days missed in last 12 months

This panel shows the five players that have missed the most days due to injures. It displays the total amount of days he has missed, but also the number of injuries he suffered. This could help you spot the injury prone players. A player that has 1 long injury could be a case of bad luck, while a player that has missed 200 days due to 8 injuries is one you should really look to sell.


A detailed view of all the injuries your team has suffered during a season. It will display all the different injuries your team has suffered throughout the season. The view is automatically sorted on Date (date suffered), but you can use the columns to sort it to your liking. Lets go through all the columns:

  • Date - The date the injury was suffered on
  • Name - The injured player
  • Severity - Describes the type of injury: Major/Moderate/Minor/Slight
  • Injury - Which injury a player has suffered
  • Received - Describes where a player suffered the injury: training or match
  • Fixture - If the 'Received' column is set on match, this column will show the fixture the injury was suffered in.
  • Treatment - This shows how the injury will be treated. Options are: Physio, Specialist, Injection or None.
  • Time Out - The time a player is expected to be out. After he returns from injury it will display the total time a player had been sidelined.

Medical Centre Injury History

Season Summary

Another look to the total amount of injuries your team has suffered in the current season you are in. This is an interesting tab to check to see how many injuries have been suffered compared to last season. That way you can easily see if a player is having an unlucky season full of injuries, if he has been in good shape or if a player is on the same amount of injuries (good and bad). Also interesting: the percentage of the season a player has missed so far... Is your star player out for 80% of the season? Check to see if it a heavy injury or multiple small injuries. Could be a good indicator to learn more about a player's injury proneness.

Injury Update

Throughout the season you will receive updates from your medical staff on your team's fitness. This inbox message shows you which players are currently out with an injury, which type of injury they are suffering from, how they are treated and how long they will be out of contention.

To Close

After reading this guide you will have a better understanding on what you can find at the Medical Centre in Football Manager and how it can help you improve yourself while managing your favourite club.


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