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5 things to consider when creating a tactic

FMInside Feb 1, 2021 Last modified: 19 Aug 15,285 views

5 things to consider when creating your own tactic in Football Manager.

In this article we will be concentrating on things to consider when creating a tactic in Football Manager. Obviously creating a tactic is something that will take a lot more time, but there are some things which you will need to pass when you are trying to build your own.

1. Use your team report

The first thing you should want to visit isn't the tactic screen. Seems a bit weird when you are ready to build your tactic, but the first place you need to visit is your team report. Here you will be able to find the strengths and weaknesses of your own team compared to the rest of the league you play in. You also get a report on squad depth, which you can then customise to your own needs and formation you want to play. This is an excellent starting point for you as a manager and this will help you make decisions on your tactical choices.

Learn more about the Team Report in Football Manager.

2.  Pick a tactical style

Next up is picking the tactical style you want your team to play in on the long-term. You need to think about your own preferred style. Which type of football would you like your team to play in the future? Are you a Pep Guardiola type manager and love possession or are you more like Jurgen Klopp and play counter football with a lot of pressure?

At this point it is not important if your current team is able to play the tactical style you want. This is a style you want your team to grow into. Based on your team report, squad depth you can decide what it will take for you to implement your perfect tactical style.

3. Set a base formation

Next up is setting up your base formation. There are dozen's tactics to pick from and you can then alter these to your own needs. At this point it is important to make a choice to create a base formation on the players you have or on the players you want. We suggest you create both tactics. Why? Not only will your current players already learn to play in your desired tactic, but it will also help you discover the flaws and needs.

4. Pick Player roles on Attributes

Player Roles are very important in the modern Football Manager. We used to have sliders to create our own type of players but these days almost every instruction is linked to a player role. These are adjustable, but most are locked.

You assistant manager will suggest you Player Roles and Duties in the tactical screen but also in the profiles of the players. Some of these are pretty accurate (depending on the qualities of your assistant) but there are plenty of examples where the assistant suggests a role which doesn't suit your players.

In our FMI Player Database we calculate roles based on attributes. This shows only the best roles for a player, even if that means you need to retrain a player!

5. Set Personalised Player Instructions

Last but not least: use personalised player instructions when you create a tactic. A powerful option in Football Manager which is overlooked very often. Using personalised instructions will maximise the qualities of every player you have and you can create specialists on your team to be used in different situations. Plus it's a way to surprise your opponent during a match. 

Learn more about Personalised Player Instructions.


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