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5 star coaching in FM21

FMInside Jan 25, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 12,646 views

This guide will explain how you can create five star training in Football Manager 2021

Just like in real life Football Manager makes it possible to develop your players through training. The training module of FM has changed in recent years and it is now possible to really select different types of training sessions during the week, making it possible for you to select the best training for your team and players.

Something that hasn't changed much is the way you assign coaches to certain categories in Football Manager. With these categories it is possible for you sign specialist coaches and assign them to the training category they will be the most efficient.

There are 10 different categories in FM21:

  • Defending (Tactical)
  • Defending (Technical)
  • Possession (Tactical)
  • Possession (Technical)
  • Attacking (Tactical)
  • Attacking (Technical)
  • GK - Shot Stopping
  • GK - Handling & Distribution
  • Fitness - Strength
  • Fitness - Quickness


Coaches can then earn 'stars' for a training category. Five stars are the highest number they will be able to receive. These starts reflect the overall quality of the training, but they also reflect the Workload for each category.

A high workload will result in loss of quality and thus loss of stars. The higher the workload, the more stars a coach will lose. This will result in a quality loss and could then result in unhappy players. TIP: If a player says he isn't happy with his training, make sure to check the workload of your coaches too!

How to get 5 star training

To get five star training in FM21 you will need to sign and assign coaches with the best set of attributes to each category. Certain attributes are always needed for a coach and these are:

  • Determination
  • Discipline
  • Motivation

These attributes are often referred to as DDM.

Then using a certain formula you will be able to calculate how many stars a coach will receive for that certain category. The formula could look like:

Attribute * X + (DDM) * X

Looks like a difficult formula, but it is very easy to apply.

FMI / MU Coach Calculator

It will be even easier if you download the FMInside & Managers United Coach Calculator. This easy tool will make it  possible for you to check the quality of your own coaches to see which is their best category.

Download it here


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