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Big Brother Challenge

Lazy Dec 11, 2022 Last modified: 11 Dec 9,163 views

This is the Big Brother challenge for Football Manager! Take control of the small club in a city and make them bigger than their big brothers!

This challenge is all about beating your 'big brother' and is it your main task to become the best and biggest club in your city! There are tons of cities in the world with more than one football club and in a lot of situations there is one bigger and one (or multiple) smaller club.

An example is the city of Manchester United in the city of Manchester. The Red Devils have won a massive 69 different trophies in their history and in terms of success they really are the biggest club of the city. In this challenge you take on either Manchester City (easy) or FC United of Manchester (hard) and it is your goal to become the biggest and best club of the city.

However, trophies aren't everything to look for! To really be the best, you have to be the best in everything! That means a higher reputation, better finances, a higher value and a bigger stadium!


You start a new save with the smaller club from a city and it is your goal to beat your big brother! You don't have to finish higher on the league table every season but you really have to become the bigger club in general:

  • Win more trophies in total
  • Get a higher or equal reputation
  • Have a higher overall Value
  • Get a bigger stadium


There aren't many rules for this challenge, other than you have to pick the smaller club in a city. You can choose your own club, your own league and your own city.


To make this challenge a bit more interesting you can try to pick a lower league club that hasn't won anything just yet (FC United for example). The smaller the club is that you pick, the harder this challenge will be to complete.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some of our suggestions to pick for this challenge! Is there a club missing from the list? Let us know and we will add it to the list!

  • Manchester - Man Utd > Man City > FC United of Manchester
  • Munich - Bayern München > 1860 München > Türkgücü München
  • Paris - Paris Saint-Germain > Paris FC
  • Turin - Juventus > Torino
  • Madrid - Real Madrid > Atletico Madrid > Getafe > Rayo Vallecano
  • Barcelona - FC Barcelona > Espanyol
  • Liverpool - Liverpool > Everton > Tranmere Rovers > Southport > (AFC Liverpool)
  • London - Arsenal > Chelsea> Spurs, West Ham > Wimbledom > Fulham > Crystal Palace > Charlton Athletic > Millwall > Brentford > QPR > Leyton Orient
  • Athens - Panathinaikos > AEK Athene > Atromitos
  • Eindhoven - PSV > FC Eindhoven
  • Rotterdam - Feyenoord > Sparta > Excelsior
  • Sofia - CSKA > Levski > CSKA 1948 > Lokomotiv > Septemvri
  • Prague - Slavia > Sparta > Bohemians > Viktoria Zizvkov > Dukla
  • Vienna - Austria > Rapid > Florisdorfer AC
  • Rio de Janeiro - Flamengo > Fluminense > São Cristóvão > Madureira EC > Olaria AC > Bonsucesso FC > Portugues > Campo Grande AC
  • Cologne - FC Köln > Viktoria Köln
  • Hamburg - HSV > Sankt Pauli


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