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Road to Glory

2dPitchFM Nov 25, 2022 Last modified: 25 Nov 8,815 views

The Road to Glory challenge for Football Manager asks you to become a true club legend!

Football is played on many different levels and there are many different football clubs in the world. Some of them have been dominating leagues, cups and on an international level. But there are way more clubs that have never won anything meaningful throughout their history. In this challenge it is your goal to take one club to a whole new level! Manage them when they are in the lower leagues and lead them to glory at the very top!


Take control at a club in the lowest possible league of a nation by choice and try and fill the trophy cabinet until you have won a surplus of trophies!

  • Win the top league and main domestic cup at least 5 times
  • Win at least 5 different European competitions and at least one Champions League
  • Win the Club World Cup at least three times
  • Become a legend at the club you manage


  • You start your career in the lowest possible league of the nation you have chosen
  • Take control at the club with lowest possible reputation
  • You can't switch clubs
  • If you are fired from a job, you have to start over in the lowest league again

Extra options

Make the challenge more interesting by adding some extra 'spice' to the challenge. Try to complete it by not signing any players and fully rely on your own youth academy. Or only use and sign players that are born in the naiton you are managing in.

Completed the challenge?

Are currently in this challenge in Football Manager? Good luck to you! Leave a comment to tell us how you did! Or head over to our Twitter page or Discord Channel and share your story with us!


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