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Journeyman Challenge

Lazy Nov 28, 2022 Last modified: 28 Nov 12,127 views

This is the Journeyman Challenge for Football Manager! Travel the world and become the number one manager in the hall of fame!

In modern football managers don't spend a lot of time at one single club. The Sir Alex Ferguson's and Thomas Schaaf's of this world are very rare these days. This challenge is based on that modern view on football. This is the Journeyman challenge and it is your objective to become the best manager in the world by building your career.


You start a save as an unemployed manager without any coaching badges or past experience. You will then have to work your way to the top of the ladder by hopping clubs and winning trophies. Winning matches and trophies will increase your reputation, while coaching badges will improve your coaching skills.

Main objectives

  • Reach the Hall of Fame World Wide
  • Become the number one manager in the Hall of Fame World Wide

Sub Objectives

  • Obtain the highest coaching badge (UEFA Pro Licence)
  • Reach the highest reputation level (World Wide)


To complete the Journeyman Challenge in Football Manager you will have to follow a couple of rules.

  • You start as an unemployed manager
  • You start without any Coaching Badges
  • You start with the lowest possible reputation (Sunday League Amateur)
  • You can only join a new club by applying on a vacant position or if a club approaches you


To make the Journeyman challenge a bit more interesting you can include all kinds of challenges into your save. Think about the Pentagon Challenge, the Youth Intake Challenge or the Pokemon Challenge.

Increase difficulty

The more nations you load and the more (lower) leagues, the more difficult it will be to land a job. If you like a bigger challenge you can load more nations as this will lower your reputation of your manager. The nationality of the manager also affects the level of your experience at the start.

Tips & Tricks

Take on an international job for a big increase in reputation. Even if you don't win any trophies with a national team, taking on an international job is very good for your reputation. Also look for U23 or U21 teams to manage. Winning a youth tournament or winning the Olympics with the U23 can do wonders for your reputation.


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