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PokéPlayer Challenge

FMInside Dec 12, 2022 Last modified: 12 Dec 6,746 views

This is the Pokemon Challenge for Football Manager! Got to catch them all!

Pokemon is one of the biggest and most popular franchises in the world. The main goal and slogan of the game is 'gotta catch 'em all and that is where this Football Manager challenge is all about.

Where you fill your Pokedex in Pokemon with new and captured creatures, your goal in Football Manager is to collect something else: nationalities! This challenge was originally created by Guido Merry (Strikerless) on the Dutch Football Manager fansite Managers United.


The objective is very simple: sign players and try to sign and play a player from every available nationality in Football Manager and have them play at least 20 matches for your team. 

  • Sign a player from every possible nation in the game throughout your career
  • Have these players play at least 20 matches for your team
  • The challenge is completed once you have signed and played a player from every country.


To complete the Poképlayer Challenge in Football Manager you will have to follow a couple of rules.

  • There is no time limit for completing this challenge
  • Double and Triple nationalities are allowed
  • Every player has to play at least 20 official matches for your team (League,Cup or international matches)
  • There isn't a minimum amount of minutes a player has to play


To make it easier you can use a scratchmap to keep track of your own progress!

Tips & Tricks

Look for double or even triple nations in countries like England or France. These two nations have a large colonial history and therefore have a lot of players from the Caribean and/or Africa.

Add the second nationality column in your player search area. That way it will be easier to spot new nationalities.


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