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Neil Warnock Challenge

2dPitchFM Nov 25, 2022 Last modified: 25 Nov 5,008 views

The Neil Warnock challenge for Football Manager. Try and get those promotions!

Neil Warnock is one of the most beloved and favourite football managers in England. The 73-year-old manager enjoyed a massive career in English football that started in 1980! During his career he has managed 16 different Premier League and non-league clubs and he has achieved some wonderful things with these clubs. In this challenge it is your main goal to emulate the performances of Neil Warnock's career and then finish it off with a Premier League victory, the one thing he never accomplished.


In this challenge your focus is promotions! Warnock has achieved 8 promotions during his career and completed these on different levels! To complete you will need to win the following:

  • 4 Promotions from the Championship to the Premier League
  • 1 Promotion from the League One to the Championship
  • 2 Promotions from the League Two to the League One
  • 1 Promotion from the Vanarama Nationa League to the League Two
  • Win the Premier League after you have completed all the objectives.

It doesn't matter how these promotions are achieved. Winning the title or winning the play-offs are both accepted.


To complete the Neil Warnock Challenge in Football Manager you will have to follow a couple of rules.

  • Either start unemployed (without badges and reputation) or pick a club
  • You can only be promoted twice with the same club as Warnock did with Notts County
  • You can only move clubs if you have been sacked or completed one of the promotion objectives.
  • You can only apply for clubs or accept a new job offer if you are unemployed

Completed the challenge?

Are currently in this challenge in Football Manager? Good luck to you! Leave a comment to tell us how you did! Or head over to our Twitter page or Discord Channel and share your story with us!


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