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Local Hero

FMInside Jan 10, 2023 Last modified: 10 Jan 8,469 views

This is the local hero challenge! Take control of your local club and guide them to glory in Football Manager!

Everybody who is into football has a local club they support. Whether it is the club of your local town or simply the amateur club you play for during the weekends. This challenge is all about supporting your own local (amateur) club! Take control at your local club and try to develop them in a successfull big club to become a true local hero!


You take control of your local club - if available in Football Manager - and make them the biggest club in the world!

  • Take control of your local club
  • Reach the highest tier on the football ladder
  • Win the League and Domestic Cup
  • Win international trophies
  • Become the biggest club in the world (reputation)


Not many rules apply for this challenge.

  • Achieve the objectives in 1 save with 1 manager
  • Don't use the pre-game or in-game editor
  • Don't get sacked!


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