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Bottom at Christmas

FMInside Jan 10, 2023 Last modified: 10 Jan 2,616 views

This is the bottom at Christmas challenge for Football Manager, a short but tough challenge to complete!

Christmas is a stressful time for football clubs and their fans. Not only because of the family dinners you have to prepare or attend but also because of the arrival of the January transfer window. During Christmas most leagues have reached their half-way point or are nearing it. This has formed the league and the clubs who are in the bottom half of the league are starting to get nervous. That is the point where you come in!


This is a short challenge as this will cover half a season in Football Manager. You start a new save and then simulate the game until December 24th. You then create a new manager and take control of the club that is in the bottom spot of the table. The main objective you have with this club is to avoid relegation


  • You can't use the ingame editor or any other tool
  • Create a manager to use for holidaying to December 24th
  • Retire the manager once you are at December 24th
  • Add a new manager and take over the team at the bottom of the league
  • If you are sacked the challenge has failed



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