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FM24 Giveaway #2! Includes Beta access!

Lazy Sep 14, 2023 Last modified: 16 Oct 3,315 views

Win a free key to unlock Football Manager 2024 on Steam! Simply follow @fminside and retweet our message on X to enter the competition.

For a second year in a row we are pleased to announce a giveaway at It is very easy to participate in the giveaway. Simply follow @fminside on X and retweet the tweet that is linked below. We will then pick a lucky follower to win a free copy of FM24, including access to the BETA.

FM24 Giveaway #1

Retweet this message on X - Winner @daddytoatribe

Started on: September 14th - Ended on October 3rd

FM24 Giveaway #2

Repost this message on X  - Winner @Norwich1982

Started on: October 4th - Ended on October 15th

*The giveaway is set to expire on October 16th (the week the BETA could be dropping) or when it reaches 1.000 retweets before the deadline. We will then start a new giveaway.

FM24 is set to release on November 6th and just like other years you can get pre-purchase access to the fully playable BETA, which will be released roughly two weeks before the release.

We expect the BETA to be released in the week of the 16th of October and on that day the first giveaway will end. If the giveaway will reach 1.000 retweets before the deadline, we will pick a winner and will start a new and fresh FM24 giveaway.

The winner will be randomly picked by the FMInside team and the announcement of the winner will follow on October 17th. 

Good to know: due to limitations, FM24 can not be activated in the following countries: Brazil, China, Cuba, Hong Kong, Iran, North & South Korea, Syria, Taiwan. Therefore we can not pick a winner from any of these.

FM24 Pre-order Deal

If you don't want to rely on luck and are looking to secure your pre-order deal from FMInside, have a look at our deals for FM24. We have partnered up with several official resellers, making sure you will always get the best possible deal!

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