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Football Manager 2023 Patch 23.5.0

FMInside May 9, 2023 Last modified: 9 May 18,427 views

Sports Interactive have released the third database update for Football Manager 2023. This update adds transfers from the Chinese transfer windows and addresses several bugfixes.

This is the first time Football Manager has released a standalone update for a major transfer window. This due to the later closing of the Chinese transfer window. This patch has over 83.000 changes to the 23.4 database and includes transfers but also several fixes to the game.

A new save game is required for the database changes to take effect, but the bug fixes are compatible with your current saves and do not require a new save game.

23.5 Changelist

  • Addressed an issue where 'Add/Remove Leagues' was adding newgens as opposed to real players
  • [FM23 Editor] Fixed an issue where specific editor files failed to be verified
  • [FM23 Console] Addressed an issue where users were unable to start Versus mode with imported teams

FMI Databases & Transfer Update

As you may expect we will be upgrading our player and club database to make sure they connect with the official FM23 database. There will also be a special release of the Football Manager Update that is compatible with the latest 23.5 database and patch. This update will also adress many missed transfers or any other data changes such as missed staff, players and edited personal player data.

You can find these here:

Save Game Compatible

If you have a fun save going on and you aren't too keen on starting a new save with updated squads, the majority of the fixes in this update are in fact save game compatible. However, for league rule changes or league updates a new save game is required.

How do I update my FM?

Simply close the game and restart or start the game if you weren't playing. Your client will then automatically download and install the update.


If you encounter an issue with FM2023, please report it at the official forums of Sports Interactive.


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