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FM24 Feature: Continue your FM23 save

Lazy Sep 16, 2023 Last modified: 16 Sep 3,995 views

One of the most requested features has become reality! In Football Manager 2024 you will be able to continue your save from FM23.

FM23 save game compatibility

Anyone who is not ready to step away from their existing save in Football Manager 2023 (PC/MAC, Console or Touch), will be able to load that career into FM24 and continue your career, benefitting from the new features of FM24.

After starting FM24 for the first time you will be shown a panel that will explain more about the FM23 save compatibility feature. This panel shows information on how it works and which steps you will need to go through to make it work.

Every new feature in FM24 will be available in the saves you transfer from FM23. Sometimes it will result in certain items or tutorials triggering immediately after you convert your save, while you’ll need to set some other things up from scratch. 

Later on the panel won't appear when you start the game, but it will be available from the main menu, making it possible to use the feature whenever you want to use it. To do this you simple go to Load Save and follow the instructions from there.

Despite the possibility of using the new features of FM24 there are certain things that won't be usable when transferring the save over from FM23. One of these will be the trophies or achievements. A new fresh FM24 save will be needed to activate these again. You also won’t be able to watch replays of matches played in FM23, as these aren’t carried across when converting.

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