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FM24 Feature: Smarter Transfers & squad building

Lazy Sep 19, 2023 Last modified: 26 Sep 6,245 views

Sports Interactive have revealed the first of many new major features of Football Manager 2024 and this includes smarter transfers and better squad building.

Football Manager 2024 is set to be the most comprehensive edition in the series, with significant improvements to the transfer and financial side of the game. FM24 aims to mirror real-world developments in football, offering a more immersive experience for players.

Improved AI transfers

In the player recruitment area, AI managers have been given a major upgrade in their decision making when it comes to team selection and signing new players. The will now also consider other areas besides ability and potential, including:

  • Form
  • Reputation
  • Tactical style

This basically mean that AI managers will be looking for players with specific attributes to suit and match their own tactical preferences. Additionally, potential ability is now prioritized over current ability when looking for backup players, resulting in more informed and dynamic squad-building decisions by AI-controlled teams.

Youth development

Also improvements to player development as AI teams will be more likely to include young players in their match day squad. Also new is the fact that some players will have an accelerated growth in their younger years, while some players will be 'late developers', players who breakthrough later in their careers. In-game transfer histories have received a user interface upgrade and the ability to filter league transfer histories.

New financial system

Finances have also been given a major upgrade to better reflect modern football. New items and the information on your club's finances have been improved and will be shown to you throughout the season. 

New is the introduction for negative transfer budgets for clubs that have been overspending and the board could be taking control of your transfer business if you don't collect enough funds in time to clear the negative budgets. Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules have been integrated with sanctions, including squad size and transfer spending restrictions, fines, and withheld income for rule-breaking clubs. Administration and insolvency now have more detailed consequences.

Dynamic income streams

Income streams are made more dynamic, with fixed-length TV deals, parachute payments, and ticket price changes affecting club finances. Lower division clubs will turn professional upon promotion, while relegation from professional to semi-professional status will result in financial setbacks.

The most intelligent market ever!

Overall, Football Manager 2024 aims to provide a more intelligent and immersive market experience, with improvements in AI squad building and financial systems.

In the coming weeks, SI will unfold more new features for the game, including revamps to the match engine, set pieces creator and other improvements.

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