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A closer look at the Carrilero player role in Football Manager.

What is a Carrilero?

Football Manager states: The Carrilero or 'Shutler' is a supporting role more often than not utilised as part of a midfield three, or as two central midfielders in a diamond midfield. It is the job of these shutlers to cover lateral areas of the pitch and link the defensive midfield area with the attacking midfield area. This is what seperates the Carrileros from a Box-to-Box midfielder as they are not expected to shuttle between boxes, but merely between the lines of the midfield.

The Carrilero is only available with a Support duty.

'Less' Glamorous Box-to-Box midfielder

Basically the Carrilero is a less glamorous Box-to-Box midfielder. Where the BBM's focus is to move up and down the pitch, the Carrilero supports the wide areas. By moving towards the wider areas of the pitch they will create space for a possible playmaker who plays in a DM position when your team has the ball, while they will close down the wide areas and act as a back-up for your wide players if they leave too much space.

The Carrilero will not get too involved in the final third, but will instead try to break up opposition attacks, while providing wider passing options as they look to play 'safer balls'

When do I pick a Carrilero?

The Carrilero is a player role you will not be using for one single player most of the time, instead you will using a pair of midfielders in this role in a diamond shaped midfield in a 4-4-2 formation or 4-3-1-2. Two Carrileros will prove to be the most effective.

However, a single Carrilero could work if you have one very attacking left or ride side and you want a midfielder to cover the space left by your attacking full-back.

Which attributes does a Carrilero need?

The Carrilero is a specialist role and it's main focus is to support your team when you do not have the ball. He will need to understand how to position himself to be able to break down open space and break down opposition attacks. The Carrilero therefore doesn't need excellent technical attributes, but will need mental and physical qualities.

Mental attributes are very important for the Carrilero. He will need the Work Rate and Teamwork to put himself in that supportive role. Decision making and Positioning are also vital for a Carrilero. Passing is needed, but you don't have to expect wonders as his instructions will have him look for an easy pass rather than a risky through ball. The only thing you want is that he is able to play the ball to the right color.

Key Desirable
Passing First Touch
Tackling Technique
Decisions Anticipation
Positioning Composure
Team Work Concentration
Work Rate Off the Ball
Stamina Vision

Carrilero Player traits 

Player traits are actions a player will more likely perform during a match than others.They don't give him extra abilities, but will affect his decision making. A player trait can be learned through individual training or through mentoring.

For a Carrilero you could be looking at the following player traits:

  • Plays One-Twos - But only if he has the technical skills
  • Plays no through balls
  • Plays short simple passes

Carrilero's in FM23

A selection of good or interesting Carrilero's in FM23 based on their current ability and Key attributes for this player role.

  • RAT
  • name
  • age
  • sell value
  • POT
  • 88
  • RodriDC, DM, MCDM
  • 26
  • Not for sale
  • 88


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