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Inverted Winger

FMInside Jun 22, 2021 Last modified: 18 Jan 82,298 views

A closer look at the Inverted Winger role in Football Manager.

What is an Inverted Winger?

Football Manager states: The Inverted Winger aims to frequently cut inside into the attacking third to open up space for overlapping full-backs and to subsequently overload retreating defenders. The Inverted Winger works best when the player's strongest foot is opposite to the side of the pitch he's playing on.

The Inverted Winger is available on a Support and Attack duty.

Difference between an Inside Forward and Inverted Winger

An Inside Forward is a player who will look to cut inside without the ball to find space near or inside the penalty box. Typical Inside Forwards are Sadio Mane and Timo Werner. The Inverted Winger will stay on the side line and will cut inside with the ball in their possession. Typical Inverted Wingers are Riyad Mahrez, Phil Foden and Jadon Sancho.

Also, the Inside Forward is more attacking and will be positioned further up the pitch, where an Inverted Winger will stay out wide until he receives the ball, creating space for attacking midfielders and an overlapping full- or wing back.

When do I pick an Inverted Winger?

The Inverted Winger can work in almost every tactic that uses wingers. It all comes down to the players you have in your squad. A speedy dribbler is the ideal player to play as an Inverted Winger but also as an Inside Forward. It will all come down to your own tactical preferences. Do you want your wingers to come inside with the ball? Try the Inside Winger. Do you want your wingers to cut inside without the ball? Use Inside Forward.

Which attributes does an Inverted Winger need?

The Inverted Winger will need all the basic attributes you would expect from a winger: speed, dribbling. In addition to that, the Inverted Winger will also be asked to give a through pass or shoot on goal.

Support Duty

Key Desirable
Dribbling Crossing
Passing First Touch
Technique Long Shots
Off the Ball Composure
Acceleration Decisions
  Work Rate

Attack Duty

Key Desirable
Dribbling Crossing
Passing First Touch
Technique Long Shots
Off the Ball Anticipation
Acceleration Composure
Agility Decisions

Inverted Winger player traits

Player traits are actions a player will more likely perform during a match than others.They don't give him extra abilities, but will affect his decision making. A player trait can be learned through individual training or through mentoring.

For an Inverted Winger you could be looking at the following player traits:

  • Runs with ball often
  • Places Shots
  • Cuts inside from both wings
  • Cuts inside from left/right wing
  • Likes ball played into feet
  • Gets into opposition area

Player Traits to avoid:

  • Hugs Touchline
  • Runs with ball down the left/right

Inverted Wingers in FM24:

A selection of the best Inverted Wingers in FM23 based on their current ability and Key & Desireable attributes.

  • RAT
  • name
  • age
  • sell value
  • POT
  • 71
  • 31
  • Not for sale
  • 73
  • 73
  • MalcomMR, AMR, AMLAMR
  • 26
  • € 65,625,700
  • 78
  • 75
  • David NeresMR, ML, AMR, AMLMR, AMR, AML
  • 26
  • € 54,701,740
  • 79
  • 74
  • Jadon SanchoMR, ML, AMR, AML, AMCAMR, AML
  • 23
  • Not for sale
  • 89
  • 83
  • Phil FodenMC, AMR, AML, AMCAML, AMC
  • 23
  • Not for sale
  • 90
  • 76
  • Pablo SarabiaMR, ML, AMR, AML, AMCAMR, AMC
  • 31
  • Not for sale
  • 78
  • 71
  • 29
  • € 36,391,710
  • 78


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