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Avoiding Injury crisis in FM21

Fox Mar 15, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 2,250 views

How to avoid an injury crisis in Football Manager 2021. Yet another great video by Fox in the Box FM.

An injury crisis in Football Manager is one of the worst things that can happen to a manager. Seasons become longer and are much harder on the players than they used to be. This is reflected on the injury system in Football Manager, which has been improved and expanded in recent years. 

With the introduction of the Medical Centre the game developers hoped that players would understand the injury system better and that they would be able to avoid long lists of injuries. However, the Medical Centre is often overlooked and is considered as an unnecessary addition to Football Manager.

While there are several ways to avoid injuries in Football Manager, it is still an area people don't invest a lot of time in to figure out why their team has been suffering from many injuries.

Injury Crisis in FM21

In this instructional video Fox explains his view on the injury system in Football Manager and how the Medical Centre could benefit you as a manager to overcome the worst injury crisis and even more importantly how to avoid injuries all together!


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