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New scouting regions in FM22

Zealand Dec 7, 2021 Last modified: 7 Dec 4,139 views

In this video Zealand is looking at the new scouting regions which have been added to Football Manager 2022 compared to FM2021.

Football Manager sprung a surprise on us with the release of FM22 - a whole new collection of scouting regions than we had previously seen. I sat down to figure out which countries are in each region, which regions are the best, and why you should send your scouts to some and not others for cheap deals. It was an arduous task so I’m sorry it was so long coming but this is my comprehensive ranking of the new scouting regions.

The reason the regions were created is actually logical, I could feel scouts getting slower on the regional part of the game and that was due to their size. The new regions are more specialized and honestly (in most cases anyway) make more sense so you don’t need as much help figuring out scouting in FM in the first place. I am just now realizing this might put me out of a job so hold on just a DARN minute.


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