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FM22's Surprising Transfer Update

Zealand Nov 6, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 4,154 views

Zealand talks on the renewed and revamped transfer system in Football Manager 2022.

I have played FM22 for basically a week now and I have found a few major adjustments to the different features of Football Manager. It is rare, though, that after all the studying I do of a new game like FM22 that something catches me completely off guard. I have found a bit of an update to the transfer part of the game that may be one of the most intuitive features on the new football manager overall.  

Transfer negotiations in football manager have been gimmicky for some time. The few changes in FM22 help make the whole process feel more realistic and prevent you from hoarding wonderkids and selling them for a crazy profit in FM22 as opposed to what I may or may not have done with Oriental Dragon in the last game. Transfers will now be more complicated and wonderkids will be hard to hold onto, it sounds like the type of change everyone is going to love!


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