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How to build a new stadium in FM

Lazy Nov 9, 2020 Last modified: 24 Nov 97,245 views

This guide will give you some tips on how to build a new stadium in Football Manager.

If you like to play longer saves on Football Manager, there could come a time when your stadium does not meet the ambitions you have as a club. An ideal outcome would be to expand your current stadium but in some cases building a new stadium would be the better (or even only) option. In this guide we will explain the details of requesting a new stadium at your club.

Basic rule: 25 years

First off: the basic rule for building a new stadium is that your current stadium must be at least 25 years old. Also keep in mind that the date will reset if your stadium has been rebuilt.

Off course there are some exceptions to this rule, but nine out of ten times the 25 year rule will be applicable.

The details of your stadium can be found at Facilities > Stadium or clicking on the stadium name in the Club Overview or home screen.

Essentials for building a new stadium

Convincing your board to build you a new stadium won't be easy. There are some essentials needed before they will even consider your request. These are:

  • Finances
  • Loyalty & Trust
  • Sell-outs


First off you will need to realise that building a new stadium won't be cheap. A big stadium (with 50.000 seats) could cost you around €400m. Smaller stadiums will obviously cost you more, but will also limit you more. It is therefore a good thing to consider if you really need a new stadium now, or wait until your finances have improved or you are in one of the higher leagues.

Making money in Football Manager can be very tough. Read our guide on making money if you want to tips on how to improve your finances.

Loyalty & Trust

Do you think a board will accept your request on the day you start your job? That doesn't seem to be very likely. It is important you earn the trust of the board to have them build a new stadium for you. Trust will come with the years. Win games, win some trophies and then ask them nicely.

Loyalty is a very important factor for earning trust of the board. If you are a journeyman and club-hopper, you won't earn the trust of the board very easily. However, if you become favoured personel or even a club legend, your board will be happy to grant your wishes at some point.

Pro Tip: During a Job Interview or Contract Negotiations you have the possibility to 'demand' that the club needs to build a new stadium if they want to hire you. You will need a very BIG reputation before the club’s board will agree with demands like that. So be careful when demanding a new stadium during those negotiations. It could cost you your job!


It is good and all if you have the finances and trophies to ask your board to build a new stadium, but they will never agree to it as long as your current stadium isn’t full. Your current stadium must be completely (or very close) sold-out during every game of the season for your board to consider building a new stadium.

How do you get sell-outs?

Very easy: win games and win trophies! By winning competitions you will increase the reputation of your club. This will result in better attendances and more sell-outs during the season.

Don't give up!

Trying to get your board to agree in building a new stadium can be a frustrating piece of business. The board could reject your requests, but there could also be other obstacles on the road. Sometimes the Local Council will not allow the build of a new stadium. If that happens: do not give up! Keep trying, keep asking and eventually you will get your new stadium!

How to ask for a new stadium

Load your save and navigate to Club Vision. On one of the right panels you will be able to make a board request. Look for Stadium > Build a new Stadium. Once you have clicked it you will receive a pop-up with the message 'The board will get back to you shortly to let you know of their decision'.


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