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Ten fun saves for FM22

Zealand Nov 8, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 3,681 views

YouTube legend Zealand looks at FM22 and has found ten fun clubs to start a save with.

Football Manager is a great game. The number one reason people don’t play it is that all the features and facets of the game, like finances and tactics, are very hard to wrap your head around simultaneously. The second biggest reason is sometimes you desperately want to play FM but CANNOT for the life of you pick a save to play. You cannot find a team to play with that you can really sink your teeth into, get through a few seasons and feel like you’re in control of the team.

I’ve often said the first season of a Football Manager game is actually the worst because you don’t have control over the team. I have enjoyed my beta save (it’s only one season by nature) but bringing in your own players and shaping the culture of a club is what FM is all about. Shoot, with dynamic youth rating FM22 is particularly good for rewriting history. You can bet I included a few recommendations with that in mind. Here are some of the most fun saves to try in the new FM.

10 fun clubs for FM22

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