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Tactical FM21

How to build a tactic in FM

LS Plays FM Jan 25, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 2,368 views

In this video LS Plays FM explains how you could build a basic tactic in Football Manager.

Your playing Football Manager, and you decide you want to brave making your own tactic in FM21! But where do you start and what do you even do? Well today's FM21 Tactics guide has me running through with you how to build your own tactic in Football Manager from scratch and some of the things to focus on when doing this!

This Football Manager tactics guide on how to build your on tactic mainly applies to FM21, but it could also just as well apply to older and even newer versions of Football Manager with many of the same steps all being applicable in many versions of the games.

In today's video though I'll run through with you how to decide and know the best types of formations to select with your team, how to view your teams strengths and weaknesses. How roles and duties work, exactly what they are and how to change them as well as showing their effectiveness by using the analysis function. Finally we will also cover the use of Team Instructions and Mentality as well in this FM21 Tactics guide today!

Some of the things however I won't be covering today will include the use of set piece tactics or opposition instructions within FM21.

If you love LS Plays FM's videos, make sure to check out and subscribe to his channel.


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